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Hair by Adrian weddings, special events and photo shoot expertise.

Ta da!

I am feeling extremely accomplished today, and am very proud of myself. Let me preface with this; I am not technologically inclined, ne, I actually consider myself computer illiterate on many levels. Now you can understand my enthusiasm when I tell you that I created my own website! (!!)

It may have taken me most evenings this week, a free flash template site, and many revisions, but I was able to take the minimal skills I possess and create a website for myself that is everything I had hoped it would be. That’s a tall order coming from me; I am notorious for having unrealistic expectations and impossibly high standards. For someone of my technical limitations to be able to create a website that lived up to my mind’s picture of what I wanted, is really blowing me away.

I consulted with a web designer, the lovely Caroline of and was encouraged to try out free sites to get a feel for what I am actually looking for in a website, and realized right away that I like flash better than html. I was told that flash is the most difficult form for websites, and you need extra skills for it (skills I do not possess), but I went ahead with my free template building site anyway. To me, looking at a flash website is like watching high-definition programing on an LED television compared to the html websites that are like watching regular non high def programming on a dinky 32 inch tube TV. If you don’t get this simile, go to Best Buy, stand in front of the Samsung 55″ LED flat screen (I am in love with this, and other LED TVs at the moment), and watch how sharp, clear, and colorful the picture is, then take a walk to the end aisle where they still have the fat TVs and tell me what you think of a non flatscreen LED TV 😉

And let me just send a shout out to Google, for being my best friend when it comes to anything I do not already know, or know too little about. Google sent me in the right direction when I asked about “free website template builders” and the first ad I saw was for Ah, wix, my extra cozy buddy this week, you and I saw 2am more often than I like, and though you frustrated me on numerous occasions when you couldn’t read my mind and just give me a darn easy button for once, you still had more than enough expertise, patience and hand holding tools available for me to muddle my way through creating a website had all the features I wanted.  

So please, check out my site, be gentle in any criticism you may have and send all of your friends who want their hair done to me. Please!

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