Upcoming photo shoot

I am very excited for a photo shoot I am preparing for this coming saturday. I am shooting with Juliet Nicole Photography, http://www.julietnicole.com/ whom I have shot with in the past. She gave me some of my favorite portfolio shots, and I can’t wait to see what we can come up with this time around. Our theme for this shoot is based on the Anthropologie catalogs, and will be pretty, girly, and fun. I am in charge of some of the wardrobe stuff, so I have been compiling a list of needed pieces, and shopping in my own costume box and have plans to raid Forever 21 tomorrow for the rest.

My love of hair styling started early for me. When I was little, I would play with my dolls’ hair and create (what I then thought was ) elaborate hairstyles for them, and the take it down and start all over again. I took this task to my own hair beginning in middle school, and would come up with random styles that fit my mood, both simple and complex. In high school, I had a much better pool of willing guinea pigs in my friends, and would often have a gaggle of girls at my house before a dance or prom, waiting to get their hair done by me. I also rocked some really, um, interesting hairstyles on myself throughout high school, and would often have people asking how exactly I got my hair to look like a brain on the back of my head. Funny thing was, it had probably taken me all of 3 minutes to execute, and I had done it to avoid drying my hair, so for me it was a quick fix to avoid a harder hair task.

I started styling hair for weddings as soon as I was done with high school, when the group of leadership staff from my church youth group started getting married. Back then, I would gladly offer up my services for free, and I think that was a good deal for the brides. I have since begun charging for my services, but that is to be expected when you make a hobby your career. Weddings opened up a new world to me. All of a sudden, I was trusted to make a whole group of people beautiful, and for such an important day! I was in heaven.  I realized that styling hair for weddings and special events like photo shoots had become my calling, and that is when I decided to pursue a career as a hairstylist. Early on in my education I knew I didn’t just want to work in a salon. I needed an extra creative outlet to work in, but also knew that though I couldn’t make special event styling my entire focus, I could  integrate it into my “bread and butter” styling of cuts and color.

It took awhile, but I began getting referrals for weddings that were not just my friends, and through a total fate moment in July 2008, I started getting asked to style hair for photo shoots. My first summer as a photo shoot hairstylist I did a lot of victory rolls, pompadours and finger waves, because it was all pin-up based. I had unintentionally become a pin-up stylist in a matter of weeks. Granted, pin-up styling is fun, but it is very past focused, very 1940’s and Bettie Page, and I wanted a better variety of shots for my portfolio. So early in 2009 I started looking for other photo shoots, and I definitely found them. Now I have a better portfolio because of the work I have put in to find photographers and models, and to think outside the box as much as I can to get really cool looking hair.

I love photo shoots so much because it’s a chance to create hairstyles that I really want to see in my own portfolio, and to work with another artist to create a photo that brings joy to us both. I was really timid about expressing ideas that I had for the shoot at first, but have realized that most people appreciate another artistic eye on a shoot, and they are willing to listen to other ideas to make it better for everyone. I came up with my own shoot idea, made the costume, and found the model and photographer to shoot it this past August, and thought it didn’t turn out exactly like I had imagined, it was a great experience to design a photo shoot start to finish.

Needless to say, I am very excited for this weekend, and to work with an amazing photographer and models. I will post pictures as soon as I can!


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