photo shoot today!

It feels like Christmas today! Not in the waking up expecting to open presents by the tree, but the anticipation and excitement factor is in the air for me. I have not been this enthusiastic for a photo shoot in a long time, and the childlike expectations of grandeur are a little unnerving. Maybe I should play it safe and not have expectations going into this shoot, then I can be pleasantly surprised when I see the photos and finished product, and go ‘Ahh, I helped to create that!’

I am particularly excited about a faux fur 1960’s style bolero jacket I found for the wardrobe. It’s luxuriously soft, and I want to pet it every time I see it. It’s like one of my cats, and I think that makes me like it even more (I’m sort of huge cat fan). I desperately want to keep it after the shoot, but where on earth, and when am I ever going to wear a little taupe faux fur bolero? Not to work at the salon, I would ruin that beautiful little jacket with my first cut and color. I don’t go out anywhere fancy, or warranting a little faux fur anything, so that’s out too. I know many people have no problem with extravagance, and would gladly will their closets with improbable clothes they may never wear, but closet space is at a premium in my apartment, and sadly, such extravagance is not fiscally possible at this time.

I will take a few snapshots of the fur bolero in action and post those later, and I cannot wait to have the final photos to share!

Adieu, mon amies!


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