Winter? Where’d you come from?

Wow, is it just me, or is it cold?!  The last few days have reminded me of my appreciation for the milder climate of early autumn and late spring. I am a 60-85 degrees kind of girl, and yesterday’s 52 during my photo shoot left me feeling, well, cold! Today did nothing to ease my chills, and I have a week of cold weather to look forward to.

Billy and I don’t like to turn on the heater in our apartment for several reasons; 1) we don’t want to pay extra on our PG&E bill, 2) he is a heater unto himself and warms me up nicely, but when he isn’t around, I like to bundle up in blankets and sweaters and get all cozy, and 3) it’s easier to sleep in a cool apartment.

Now, I realize that anyone living in a place where it snows, sleet, hails etc would have to laugh at me for thinking high 40’s and low 50’s is cold. I make no qualms about my inability to deal with a less than perfect climate, and I make no promises that I would fare better or worse in a different place. I just think you grow accustomed to your location and come to expect a certain temperature range, which in northern California is quite mild. Maybe the last few years have just seemed warmer to me, who knows.

All this to say my photo shoot was chilly, but the faux fur shrugs and the model wearing them were hot! It was a pleasure to meet Krista, and to work with Juliet Nicole again. Krista wore the clothes I found perfectly, and gave us a beautiful canvas to work with. She was personable and such a sport for the chilly weather, and did her best to look warm and friendly. I couldn’t have asked for a better photo shoot!

Juliet shot with film, so it’s not the instant gratification I am used to with a digital camera that allows you to see the photos instantly, and then have them uploaded that very day and edited in a quick manner. I will have to enjoy the next few days in anticipation of the finished photos, and then I can share them 🙂


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