Some Christmas spirit

Ahh, this week is finally making me feel the Christmas spirit! The Los Gatos holiday parade made another stunning performance this past Saturday, and though I was not there due to the photo shoot with Juliet Nicole, it always makes me happy, and shows just how close to Christmas we are. Monday morning I picked out a Christmas tree and single-handedly dragged it off my Jeep, through my apartment complex, and into my apartment where I set it up to see that the tree lot guys had, ahem, put the base on crooked, so the tree leaned quite a bit. My remedy to all leanings and broken legs is to prop of the leaning thing with hardback books from my vast collection. It worked when we broke one of the bed legs, and it worked again with the tree 🙂 I decided to buy some new Christmas decorations for the tree, so this year, we have a red and gold tree to marvel at. My salon’s holiday party is this coming Saturday, and I am looking forward to dressing up (just a little, I’m a casual kind of girl) and getting together with my coworkers and their plus ones for dinner and drinks at Straits on Santana Row.

Thankfully, I don’t have much Christmas shopping to do this year, as my family will be receiving gift certificates for haircuts with me, and my friends will be getting home-baked cookies and cards. Billy and I will be exchanging gifts, and I plan on getting Rock Band for Wii for the kids I nanny for, but other than that, no real gifts. Now, what to get the hubby? He insists he doesn’t really want anything other than car insurance for his toy car, toy meaning project car he has had since high school and loves more than most things in life. But insurance doesn’t wrap up well, and my lovely lit up and sparkly Christmas tree deserves some gifts under it.

I get a little bummed around Thanksgiving when I see the Black Friday sales that make people act like heathens, and it makes me wonder if  we have lost the true Spirit of Christmas in our desire for shiny bright new things. Once upon a time, Christmas was the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, accompanied by a few pagan rituals thrown in to appease the masses. I think the whole hoopla over gifts kind of crowds the birth of Christ out. I love getting and giving gifts, but sometimes it seems like the rush to find the new “it” thing for the kiddos or that perfect something for a loved ones can be too distracting and overwhelming. The main focus then becomes how much we spend and what we get present wise instead of celebrating the birth of Jesus, or as Ricky Bobby would say, “Tiny, 8 pound, 6 ounce baby Jesus”.

Just remember to slow down for a few minutes to count your blessings and realize it’s not all about the gifts, but the true reason for the season.

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