The Lux Salon annual holiday party


Billy and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the Lux Salon Holiday Party at Straits on Santana Row. I was very happy with my cute silver sequined bolero jacket you can just glimpse in the last picture. I actually went out of my way to find an outfit I thought was trendier and dressier than my usual jeans and shirts attire, and I came up with the sequined bolero over a light pink tunic and grey skinny jeans and “big girl shoes”, otherwise known as grey peep toe pumps. It all worked together, but had someone shown me the outfit put together I most likely would have said “no thanks, that’s not my style” and kept looking, so it is interesting to me that I put it all together and decided it was for me. Unusual, but very fitting with my more open-minded and adventurous spirit as of late.

My other adventurous undertakings have been  mostly food related, like trying foods that I normally would shy away from, like red meat, random sauces, and new combinations of foods. I had London broil for the first time with my lovely friends a few nights back, and Sarah, my gracious hostess, was taken back by my willingness to eat steak when I have had an aversion to eating anything other than turkey or chicken since she has known me, which is 10+ years now.  I’m not sure why exactly I have never liked or been interested in eating red meat or pork, but I would rarely if ever consider it for myself to eat. This new adventurous eating is opening up many flavor doors that I have bypassed on the road of chicken breast and turkey sandwiches, and I am very much enjoying it!

Our party was at Straits, a restaurant with Singaporean cuisine, and caused a flavor explosion in my mouth when I tried new foods with my newly acquired open mind to new tastes. I had a lovely beef dish in a coconut sauce with green polenta that was so juicy and tender it just fell apart in your mouth, a salmon dish that was covered in a very spicy sauce that I was not very fond of even though I do like salmon, and the chicken satay skewers that I just love. The desert was this little pyramid chocolate cake with whipped cream, and it was delicious too. The only thing I did not try were the beef spare ribs in a tangy spicy sauce because 1) I don’t like messy foods that require fingers to eat, and 2) eating food off of bones really freaks me out. I guess I’m not that open-minded 😉

The highlight of the evening was the white elephant gift exchange that has become a tradition at the annual holiday party. We get a $25 limit for which to find a gift that is either wacky, fun, or bizarre, and this year was in no short supply of  hilarity! I brought a gift bag I created from awesome finds at Trader Joe’s that included sipping chocolate, french truffles, dark chocolate sea salt caramels and a bottle of sweet red wine, not very wacky but definitely fun. The most bizarre gift had to be the size 48 C black old lady bra that one of our nail ladies decided to throw in, and I don’t think anyone traded their gifts or stole it from the unfortunate soul who wound up picking it. The black bra came out with a fiery gusto, as the esthetician who unwrapped it accidently spilled the tissue paper onto some candles and it went up in a glorious fireball that had everyone staring for a few moments, then rushing into action or cracking up because they were filled with champagne. I did a little of both, by taking a moment to stare and laugh awkwardly at the great orange fireball in front of me, then decide if chardonnay or my glass of water would be better to throw on it, I decided water was of course the best option (I was one of the people who had a lot of champagne you see) then stumbled forward with said water to be blocked by a mass of helpful party goers who had the same idea, and pass my water off to them to fight the fire. We ended charring a few of Straits christmas snowmen decorations that were on the same table, no didn’t set off any smoke alarms or cause too much damage. This next picture is post-fireball, and you can just make out Tallie wearing the bra that caused a fire at our party hehe.


I leave you with a last picture of our Christmas tree with my kitties standing guard. They LOVE the tree and take every opportunity to steal the ornaments, chase each other around it, hide under the branches and drink the water in the stand.


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