New business cards are here!

Reinventing yourself is a lot of work. Let me explain; I realized my business at Lux, the salon I work in Los Gatos, was slowing down quite a bit now that wedding season is officially over and I do not have my weekends booked up weeks or even months in advance for them, and I am no longer bringing in the profits from them either. My main clients that I see on a semi-regular basis are generally taken from 2 circles. The first circle is made up of my extensive network of acquaintances, friends and family. They are people who are close to me and have trusted me to cut and color their hair. The second circle is made up of the first circle’s referrals. Because I know I have basically tapped out my resources for bringing in new clients, I had to do something to drive in more business. Thus my idea to embrace technology and market myself in a convenient way for people to be able to access my information, and voila,, a new twitter account @hairbyadrian, and finally this blog, were created. Ideally, now a potential client would simply have to go to google, search for wedding hairstylist, Los Gatos, hair, or something similar, and they will be directed to me and I will celebrate when I ask how they found me, and they tell me my hard work and efforts have paid off. Ideally of course. Realistically, I doubt it will be that easy, but I can hope!

Now, with a new website, and all the other promotional aspects, I needed new business cards to hand out like candy. If I could get away with plastering every car I see, and pressing them into the hands of every person I pass, and that would generate business rather than enrage people, I would do it. Let me say I already have 2 kinds of business cards that I carry. One is strictly salon related, and is the generic business card with the salon’s contact information and my name on it, and the other is a personal card with a cutesy design I picked from hundreds of free samples available when I made then, oh, about 2 years ago. The Lux cards are great when I want my clients to call the salon to re-book their appointments, and the personal cards have served their purpose to this point, but are a little kitschy, so I wanted something that reflected the new, more sophisticated hair by Adrian who has her own website and writes frequently in her blog. This is where comes in, and saves the day! For about $40 for 200 cards I was able to completely customize the front and back of a business card to be exactly how I wanted, and I am so impressed with the outcome. I just got the cards in the mail today and can’t wait to start passing them out and seeing the reactions from the recipients, because they are not your standard business cards, but something I think is spectacular. Well, a picture says a thousand words, so let’s let the cards themselves speak.


front is glossy black

 back is a mini portfolio to showcase a few of my shots and give the recipient an idea of what I am capable of.

I don’t know how many people have embraced this idea for their own cards, and I hope I am within a relatively small group of people, because I want these to be unique enough to make people keep the cards, and remember me when they need their hair cut, colored or a hairstylist for their wedding.


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