life’s little headaches

What exactly causes a headache, and why do medicines like acetaminophen or ibuprofen help? I asked my pre-med buddy in Washington DC, and he said that even doctors don’t know why Tylenol works. Crazy.

I have a raging tension headache at the moment, and my Excedrine tension headache is all out, so Tylenol is going to have to do. I get these types of headaches from both physical and mental stressors. Physically, I carry too much stress or tension in my shoulders and neck, which can be complicated when I am styling hair and have my arms raised a good portion of my day, blow drying, cutting and coloring hair.

I sometimes wonder why we stress at all. Is the world any better, the problem any less real or important because of our stress? I know I let things affect me more than I should, and it manifests itself in pain and headaches. Most stressors are minor, so why do I let things bug me so much? Because I simply want to control everything in my life, including the problems. My theory is that I want to lessen the problem and tend to over think it, or try to solve it before I have a proper solution or even a good process to use. Reality is, I just have problems letting things go or work themselves out, and think I have the “best” way to deal with something, best being used lightly, as I know I am not always right (gasp!) even though  I try to be.

So for the headaches of the world, I will try to let things go, ask for massages from Billy, and take my acetaminophen like a good kid 😉


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