Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is able to enjoy some time with family and loved ones. My friends are like my extended family, and I love them all tons, so I was very glad to be able to spend my Christmas morning at my friend Sarah and Brandon’s house having homemade donuts, yum! I smell like deep fried food now, but oh boy were they tasty!

Our Christmas eve was spent with my family at my aunt’s house for her annual open house foodie extravaganza. We ate until we couldn’t eat any more, and caught up with all of the family we rarely see. It was special, but I am so glad it only happens a few times a year, because extended time with my family drives me just a little nuts. Especially my overly exuberant teenage cousin who happened to shriek a shrill ‘EEEEEEEEEEEE” every time she opened the front door and saw another guest. It got old. We left after a few hours of family time,coming home to open our presents and settled down for a movie and cuddle time, just B and I.

We really missed having Billy’s family around. The last few years we have spent the night at the family’s house, opened gifts together and enjoyed christmas breakfast as a big old family. This year, the whole family went to Disneyland, and due to economic and timing issues, we were not able to join them.  

Despite screaming cousins, my large and overwhelming family, and missing Billy’s family,  it’s been a very nice holiday!


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