25th birthday

I had the best birthday of my entire life yesterday! I am so full of love, happiness, friends and good times! I have the best friends and an amazing husband who love me so much, and for this I am grateful!

This year, Billy knew how to relieve the Christmas/birthday slump I slide into each year. He organized with my best friends Sarah and Diane to create a casual dinner party for 10. I didn’t know about, or even ask about it, which is incredible restraint from me, a hater of surprises and keeping things hidden. Billy did start telling me a few days ago what he was planning, but only gave me small tidbits at a time. My birthday actually started out the night before when Billy brought my birthday present home from work; it was a memory foam mattress topper, and it made for the most incredible and satisfying night sleep I have had since we got this stinking mattress 2 years ago. Having extra fluff and squish made all the difference to our tired, worn out mattress. I woke up early on my actual birthday and began cleaning the house, in preparation for the arrival of our friend Justin who is staying with us for a week. He recently finished a deployment to the middle east as a Navy flight engineer, and I wanted a nice clean place for him to enjoy. It was helpful that I cleaned my kitchen first, because Sarah and Diane came over with crepe making yummies, and proceeded to make me strawberry, banana and nutella crepes, which were to die for.

I met a friend for lunch at Scramblz, then did a little grocery shopping with Billy so we could bring a lasagna to my dinner party. Billy managed to fanagle the coveted Simone family lasagna recipe out of his coworkers who rave about it all the time, and then I set to work creating this odd sounding lasagna while he hunted down a pitcher for sangria we were hoping to make. The sangria never made it, but the lasagna was amazing! Who knew adding some whacky ingredients that do not sound good in theory, would make for a fabulous lasagna that everyone, even the non-lasagna lovers wanted at least a second helping of, if not the recipe itself.

I really enjoyed having my friends around me for the dinner party.

The melding conversations, and cacophany of voices made some part of me relax and take pleasure in being surrounded by loved ones on a special day. I guess I shouldn’t have worried or gone into a funk this year, it turned out so well! Hopefully having such an amazing birthday will end the yearly funks all together, that’s my hope! I doubt I will have another birthday quite this wonderful, but I don’t mind.

Best part about dinner, the cake, of course!! Sarah created pastry perfection with my death by chocolate cake made up of chocolate cake, thick fudgy frosting between the cake layers, and rich, fluffy chocolate buttercream merange frosting on the outside. It was so good, I do not have words to do it justice.

After dinner, we all crowded into the family room for my newest addiction, Rock Band! I had my newest best friend, 3 year old Chloe, help me play the drums, that was way too silly.

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