Sites I love

I would like to introduce you to some of the sites that make my online time enjoyable. Please enjoy the quick peak inside my browser history!

Michelle is a friend from high school who has style, humourous quips, and is allowing us to follow her pregnancy. It is so much fun seeing her body change, and learning about the new shoes and books she is currently obsessed with. Check her out at

Shanni Weilert is an amazing photographer, and I would love to see photos of you on her site. She is married to an old friend of mine from church, and I am so happy he found an amazing girl like Shanni to complete him! Check her out at, I follow her blog religiously, and am so happy when my browser alerts me to a new post from her, as it is always filled with gorgeous photos and sweet words about her latest session.

Juliet Nicole is one of my favorite photo shoot photographers, and I am so glad we have worked together a few times already, and I can’t wait till she has more time to do others. I love the vivid colors, and the way she is able to catch emotion in her subjects. A lot of my favorite photos on my website are from my 2 shoots with her. Check her out at

You know I am a sucker for lolcats because I post my favorites regularly, so here is the link I look to the most for my daily kitty fix

For my theological fix, as well as some interesting views on children, middle school ministry, and his take on life, I love reading Rob Walter’s blog. he gives me lots of things to ponder, as well a new outlook on the everyday occurences I typically take for granted. he makes me more mindful of my situation and how to appreciate what I have.

When I am feeling particularly ambitious and actually decide to track what I eat and how much I exercise, I always use to help me stay focused and mindful of my eating. it really sucks when you realize just how many calories that piece of cake had, and how little the exercise you just did affected the overall number. It’s a good tool for anyone who is interested in weight loss and knowing the facts.

failure footwear

At dinner tonight, Billy proposed a website that he would like to create someday. Although he was joking, he has mentioned this idea before in other ways, so he is at least somewhat serious.

Billy’s website would be called and it would be a site that wholesale what he considers failures in the footwear category. His main sellers would be Uggs, moccasins, and Wellies rainboots. Unfortunately, he developed these aversions because I love moccasins and wellies, and he refuses to let me wear either. I’m not an Ugg fan, so I still have some credit in his eyes. He also said he would ship the shoe order with a complimentary bumper sticker and fridge magnet that said “I wear ugly shoes” or “I fail at footwear” so they could broadcast their bad taste to everyone.

I think he should add Crocs to his imaginary shoe list 😉 Yeah, I have a funny husband.

2010 SAG Awards

So I had so much fun with the Golden Globes last week and decided to pick a few favorites from the recent Screen Actor Guild Awards as well. So, let’s get down to business! Enjoy!

With one of the best turnarounds from the Golden Globes to SAGs, Tina Fey looked much better in a Ferragamo purple dress than in the Golden Globes yucky black dress. She had pretty soft old Hollywood hair and simple makeup with gorgeous drop earings and no necklace to show off her décolletage. I was quite impressed with her style choices.

Ah, Anna Kendrick, she did it again and looked like a cutie in a pink sculptural  dress and weird ponytail thing. It was like she was attempting the Julia Roberts Oscars look from way back when, but JR obviously had some fake hair help and her ponytail was huge, whereas Ms. Kendrick’s pony was just a little sad and tiny. Other choices could have been made.

Christina Applegate was looking very pretty in her light blue dress and soft feminine hair. Simple, low, curled chignon and deep side part.

Oh, Penelope Cruz, thank you for coming back and once again showing how much of a one trick pony you are…ah, girl, I’m just playing, you looked FAB!! Her L’wren Scott dress was totally reminiscent of Kate Winslet’s costumes from Titanic, with those little dangling thingies, not sure, but hey it worked fine! Her hair looked supple, shiny, so pretty, so I forgive you for working the same look a few awards shows in a row.

Okay, so Sandra Bullock rocked the 80’s flashback shoulder pads in her silly Alexander McQueen dress, but hey, who am I to judge what is truly stylish? I really liked her chignon, that’s the perfect style for a girl with gorgeous features and who may be fighting humidity or inclement weather. Go Sandra, I am so glad you did the Blindside!

Oo la la…my favorite of the night….

Kate Hudson redeems herself with an amazing white dress (again, hello Golden Globes same color) and her hair looks awesome! I want a bangin’ body like Kate’s, and I also want to sing, dance, act, and be perfectly bubbly like her, but it is an imperfect world. If I had to pick one hairstyle to claim as a favorite (um, so hard, I love hair!!) of the night, it would hands down be Kate’s. It was sophisticated, showed off the amazing dress she wore, and highlighted the cool open back.

Wedding Pricing, Travel and Timing

Hello lovely brides-to-be! As per your request, I am including a pricing list for your perusal and information gathering! I would be honored to be a part of your wedding day, helping to make your wedding dreams a reality. My expertise, and my personal favorite, lie in the wedding hair styling capacity, and I want to use all of my time honed skills and enthusiasm to bring you the joy you deserve!

Wedding pricing

Bride $150, which includes a trial before the wedding date. I like to have the trial take place about one month in advance, so we may get a good idea about the style you are looking for.

Bridesmaids $75 each
Mother of bride/ very short hair $50 each
Flower girl $35 each

A non-refundable $100 deposit is required to book services and may be paid through a credit card, check, or cash and will go toward the total service cost to be paid by the wedding trial or 1 month in advance of the wedding date. Cash or check are accepted on the day of event, however credit cards may be used if the total balance is paid in full before the wedding date. Cancellations must be made at least 1 month in advance of the wedding date and all but the $100 deposit can be refunded at that time.

Travel fees

I am ready to serve your wedding party either in salon at Palazzi Salon in Campbell, CA, or on location at your wedding site or getting ready spot. I bring all of my equipment and products with me to better ensure the quality of my styling. All I need is an outlet to plug into, a small space to place my tools and products, and a chair for yourself. Travel is free within a 50 mile radius of Campbell CA, outside of the first 50 miles there is a $50 travel charge within Northern California, and travel is negotiable outside of northern California.

Timing for wedding services

I have developed speed and efficiency when styling hair for weddings, and take pride in quality as well as quickness. I require 45 minutes per person as a general rule. I have been known to bust out a beautiful up style in 30 minutes, but I like having a comfort of the full 45 minutes in case there are some tricky pieces, or the hair just won’t cooperate. I allow time for touch ups at the end of the service to make sure your wedding party is in picture perfect form before the wedding.

2010 Golden Globes

Here’s a concept, how bout I actually post a hair related blog?? Who would have thought such a concept would work with my hair by Adrian blog? Yeah, I know, silly of me to not even attempt until now!

I have been checking out pictures from the recent Golden Globes awards show, and there were some very nice styles that are harbingers for the trends of 2010.

Down and wavy styles are still very popular. Jennifer Aniston refuses to try anything other than her ubiquitous style, but there were some others who did a very nice job of it.

Jennifer Aniston looked lovely presenting with Gerard Butler, that handsome devil! They have a new movie coming out soon called The Bounty which I am sure i will end up seeing. Billy is a big Leonidas fan, so anything Gerard is in, he will see with a rousing “THIS IS SPARTA!!” quote complete with leg kick of invisible messenger into the pit of death.

Ah, George, you got yourself another looker!! Elisabetta Canalis looked effortless in her soft curls.

I LOVED Emily Blunt’s dress! It’s was girly and romantic and all things gorgeous. Her hair should have been different, maybe a softly pulled back side chignon, because the down curls were blah. It looks like something a high schooler would do for themselves before a school dance. John Krasinsky looked dapper in his tux, but the side parted hair?? He must be very influenced by Mad Men.

Penelope Cruz perfectly embodied Old Hollywood Glamour. She was gorgeous in her brushed out waves, I think she wins for best down hair.

I love pulled back styles on stars or awards shows. There is something that screams classy and appropriate when they are in gorgeous designer gowns to have their hair styled a little more elegantly. I don’t mind seeing pretty waves and curls, but man, it always seems to lack just a little something.

Anna Kendrick had hair that was young, pretty, and super flattering. Her asymmetrical dress definitely needed her hair pulled off of her shoulders to truly show off that neckline. See, it’s easy to looked pulled together in a gown when you pull back your hair, and it doesn’t have to be slicked back (ahem, Mariah Carey!) or super curled and fussy.

I loved everything about Courtney Cox in this dress and hairstyle! She looked perfect and is definitely one of my favorites of the night.

And now for something I thought was all wrong! Her dress was weird and her hair was severe and dated, not attractive or youthful enough for Drew Barrymore. Yuck.

I am a huge Kate Hudson fan, but I wasn’t particularly fond of her hairstyle. I get what she was going for by being simple and pulled back to really highlight her sculptural dress, but it could have been better. She is one star that can totally rock a slicked back ponytail or chignon and this would have been the perfect dress to do that with. Oh the potential!! My hands itch to get a hold of her mane! Anyone else notice how much more like Goldie Hawn Kate is looking these days? Guess she is aging gracefully, like a wine, there are more nuances to be discovered now.

Sandra Bullock was completely on par with the side swept trend that has been hanging around this past year or so. I don’t think I would have left quite so much down on the side, but it’s well done enough for me not to get up in arms.

Meryl Streep was so age appropriate and beautiful with her hair and dress, there is nothing I can say bad about it! She is one star who knows what works for her, and goes to that place for awards shows. I love it!

And my personal favorite of the night…

Ah, Olivia Wilde, not only is she gorgeous and talented, but she is also a real live PRINCESS! Get out, who get’s to be a princess and an actress?? Very few women that is for sure. She looked beautiful with her hair pulled back in a ponytail with a little detail around the crown. This style reminds me of a sleeker and modern Brigitte Bardot circa the 70’s.

So that’s what I think of the hairstyles from the Golden Globes. Of course there were many that I didn’t include, but I would be here all night if I wanted to make commentary on them all, so I picked a few I thought were fun.

another Billy memory

I hold dear a lot of the things Billy says to me, but there is one comment that will forever stick with me, as it was said so sincerely,  but had so much meaning for me. We were staying at Billy’s family’s house on Christmas eve a few years ago. When we had snuggled into our makeshift bed for the evening, he cuddled me close, took a big whiff, and proclaimed “awww, you smell like home!” I know he meant to say that the bedtime smells he associated with home were actually my nighttime skin care products, and he had just figured that out by being away from home with me and still smelling those same scents. Even knowing this, just him proclaiming that I smell like home made me all warm and fuzzy inside. I like that I am home for my husband. I feel the same way about him, his personal scents are so much a part of what makes me happy that I have a hard time buying him any new fragrances  or skin products in fear that it will change his smell.

I am just one big ball of love for my hubby this week, had to share again!

A sickeningly gushy post about Billy…

I have been casually editing some of my raw wedding photos over the last week in preparation for creating a shutterfly wedding album, as well as to decorate my apartment. Looking over those photos brings back so many memories! I am so thankful for my loving, compassionate, goofy, kindhearted, and amazing husband every time I see the tender looks caught on film (on memory card?) from our wedding day. We had such a good time at our wedding, and it is nice to be reminded of that even now, two and a half years later. That we can be going on 6 years together, and still get butterflies when we see each other is a testament to God’s hand being involved in our meeting, and helps affirm that he is indeed my soul mate.

I had never put much stock in the idea of soul mates before Billy. Boys were fun. I liked boy. I really liked boys, and had no problem dating and finding boyfriends, but I didn’t realize I was lacking quality in the guys I dated until Billy walked into my life and put them all to shame! He was a gentleman, opening doors for me, handing me my seatbelt in the car, loving my girlfriends as I do, being kind to my crazy family, and putting up with me on my worst days, not a small feat by any means, I can be quite unbearable. He let me be my silliest, and matched me in my own goofiness, something I didn’t think was possible, but allows us to have a lot of fun together. He listened to what I had to say, gave me insightful advice and input, realized when I needed someone to fix my problems, and when I just needed someone to listen to me get it off my chest. He was open to most of my musical preferences, and even adopted some of my favorite bands as his own. He gave me a strong family unit with his own. They brought me into the fold with silly dinner time conversation and unconditional love I had never known from someone else’s family. Best of all, he fixed my car when it was broken!! There is nothing better than a man who can take the weird noises, smoke, check engine lights, flat tires, dead batteries, and make them all better when all I can do is magically wish it better. He is like a piece of the puzzle that I didn’t even know was missing until he was there. He completes me.

We still get excited to see each other, and I can say I honestly miss him when he’s been gone. We still love cuddling, and he makes me swoon when he gets this intense look of love in his eyes. We still crawl into bed each night and want to chat like kids at a sleepover, even though we may have hung out all evening. He loves me with morning breath, my hair in tangles, and in my frumpiest clothes. I love his “sexy breath” that he gets on occasion that I never knew was possible to get, and the way he warms me up no matter how cold I am. How we are just the right height for my nose to be right at his neck when we hug, and I can breathe in the intoxicating “Billy smell” that is uniquely his own, and makes me knees weak. We have such a good time together with anything from watching movies, geeking out together, to vacationing and checking out new places.

I am so thankful I have a husband who is also my best friend, someone who gets me in my entirety and takes me as I am. I feel blessed, and thankful that we found each other, and are eager to experience all of life together, the good and bad. Here are some of my favorite wedding pictures, the ones that remind me of amazing man I married 🙂


just because…

They made me feel better 🙂

I was looking for this one a few days ago when we had those earthquakes!

Just because I feel especially non-baby lately.


and what I wish  I could do sometimes…

6 word memoir

This morning on NPR (I know, I’m such an old lady!) one of the topics caught my attention. The hosts were discussing the idea of a 6 word memoir that sums up your life. It got me thinking, what would my 6 word memoir be? or even, what would I want it to be if I don’t already have it?

Some interesting options:

Control freak, big lover, type A

Driven by desires, grounded by love

Live life like no one else

humbly make best of life’s offerings

Stop trying to control it all

God’s grace is enough for me

I don’t have anything quite yet that sums up my life, or even is something I completely want to live by, but I will be thinking about it. A 6 word memoir would make a good mantra, and we all need good mantras!

sore throats suck (lozenges!)

I came to the conclusion the other day that I get bored while writing blogs and they never turn out how I had planned. To remedy this, I plan on waiting till I have something interesting to write about, and then will take the time to only blog, not watch TV, read a book, or talk while I’m doing it so I don’t get distracted and lose interest.

This week’s resolutions:

Go to bed by 11pm, at least in bed, if not asleep

Count calories and be mindful of what I am eating both calorie and portion wise

Drink 8 glasses of water a day (I know, a repeat,  but it has to stay until I make it a habit)

Not sure what I want to do, or can do exercise wise this week. I developed a sore throat Sunday night ,and it persisted through today, so I am sleeping lots, taking airborne and zycam to keep my immune system up.

My sleepy time wellness tea and Tylenol PM are kicking in now, so I am going to run off to bed while the haze of  sleep is near, the worst part of Tylenol pm is the evasiveness of the sleep 😉