Happy New Year! Now get crackin’!

As I sit here, warm and toasty, curled up in a blanket on the couch with a kitty at my feet and the laptop on my lap, watching NBC’s season premiere of the Biggest Loser, I have begun to contemplate my New Year’s resolutions. Like every other person who makes a resolution, one of mine happens to deal with weight and fitness. Maybe I should start by giving you my resolutions in their entirety.

First of all, Billy and I have set a mutual goal to get our passports. We would love to travel some day, and having passports now would further that dream.

We have also set *achievable* weight loss goals. Mine is 10 pounds in 2010. I lost 15 pounds last year (and gained back 5 since the summer) so having lost and kept off 10 pounds last year, it is achievable to do the same this year. If I hit that goal and go over, fantastic, but my main goal is to be able to keep it off and sustain the achievable weight loss.

I also have goals that are business related, but I am still hashing those out, as I’m not sure what is achievable, and what is applicable. I will figure it out and get back to you.

Now, aside from the year goals I have set for myself, I have also given myself weekly resolutions, so I can feel good and have those goals met to give me motivation to keep going. This week’s goals are to drink 8 glasses of water a day, workout 5 times this week, get errands/chores/etc done before I turn on the computer, TV or start reading, and last is  no cookies! I have been successful so far, I am hoping that by achieving these small goals I will stay on track with my resolutions.

Now, you should see how watching the biggest loser is encouraging for my own weight loss goals. Had I been eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s with a plate of cookies in front of me would have been the only thing more ironic than sitting all comfy watching big people sweat and practically kill themselves to lose weight.  Seriously though, those contestants are so inspiring! If someone who is 3 times my size can hop on a bike and ride 26.2 miles on their first day at the BL ranch, I certainly can get on the treadmill and log at least 2 miles tomorrow. Thankfully, I have a great support system in place already to help me with my fitness and weight loss goals. First of all, I have Sarah, who has enlisted me as her personal trainer to get “hot by summer” and look good at the weddings she has coming up, so by training her, I am in effect, training myself. Also, my amazing and super athletic friends Tiffany and Tom Gaughan are keeping me accountable with a FaceBook group for their fitness challenge to create a space to talk about what we are doing and brainstorm good ideas to help with ruts. Tiffany also is encouraging me to check out the Abs diet for women, and if I’m going down via a diet book, then I will take others down with me, so both my best girlfriends Sarah and Diane received copies of the book for Christmas.

Now in order to accomplish my New Year’s resolutions, I gotta get crackin’!


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