Here is a little happy kitty photo or today 🙂

That is for me. I worked out not once, but TWICE today! This morning I dragged my sleeping hubby from the warm bed before 8am and met up with Sarah to work out at the apartment gym. Logging 30 minutes and 2 miles on the treadmill made me realize, and this was quite a shocker, I enjoyed it! I want to do it everyday now, at least that was the sentiment this morning, who knows if I will wake up tomorrow and feel the same way. After going about my day, and work, I headed over to Fremont to meet up with Tiffany for a Turbo Kickboxing class at 24 hour fitness. Man, I forgot how tough that class is in the two months since I went last. But hey, I need to really shake it up in order to lose the 5 pounds that have crept back on since my low in the summer, and then tackle the other 5 to make my goal of 10 pounds this year.

It cracked me up that on the way home from the gym, I got the craziest craving for a tuna sandwich from 7-11. So weird, I know, but the 7-11 adjacent to my salon in Los Gatos has the best tuna sandwiches on whole wheat bread. They are the cure for my hypoglycemia (self diagnosed, of course), hangovers (just once), and are the perfect quick fix when I don’t bring a lunch (and even when I do, but don’t want to eat it). Instead of heading the the closest 7-11, there were 2 that I passed on the way to the freeway, I held out, and came home a shaking mess in need of food something awful. I made myself a tuna sandwich, which was made difficult by my shaking hands (see the hypoglycemia and fatigue induced by exercise kicking in?) but was delicious.

Now, I am cuddling on the couch with Billy, catching up on the DVRd episodes of House we have put off for months. I am fading fast though, and will probably be asleep by the time the episode finishes. I will continue to find inspiration in cat photos, my rock star workout buddy Tiffany, and the determination of Sarah to be “hot by summer”.


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