earthquake weather?

Well, folks, we finally got a few earthquakes! Last night there was a 2.1 centered in Alum Rock (East San José) and this morning another hit from the same area but was a 4.2, and was felt by many more people. My FaceBook status update timeline was full of comments about earthquakes, but unfortunately, I didn’t experience either one! I only use unfortunately because I don’t mind earthquakes unless they are the big ones, so the two we had yesterday and today would have been fun for me, not scary.

Billy however, is absolutely terrified of earthquakes, and would rather experience a tornado or hurricane than one earth moving quake. I think this is a throw back to his youth growing up in Florida, where you got notice of pending natural disasters, and why the unpredictableness of earthquakes makes him uneasy. When I told him last night we had a small earthquake, he told me not to speak of such things, and gave me a very good scared face, though I feel he was being quite serious. This morning I worked out with Sarah and we ended up heading over to her house for breakfast after, so I had called and woken Billy up. About ten minutes later he sends me a freaked out text message that there had just been an earthquake, and I wasn’t there to keep him safe and hold his trembling self. I called right away to check on him, and he was definitely freaked out, but would live. I think this morning’s quake had the same magnitude as one we felt on October 30, 2007, which happened to fall on Billy’s birthday, and that one scared him just as much.  

I wonder why the uncertainty and unpredictableness of earthquakes doesn’t bother me, when I so desperately want to control all other aspects of my life? Maybe its knowing ultimately that there really is nothing  I can do to stop it, where other areas of my life I have at least a small chance of being able to change it. I guess I just gotta leave more of my life to God, He is so much more able to handle controlling natural disasters than I am 🙂


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