sore throats suck (lozenges!)

I came to the conclusion the other day that I get bored while writing blogs and they never turn out how I had planned. To remedy this, I plan on waiting till I have something interesting to write about, and then will take the time to only blog, not watch TV, read a book, or talk while I’m doing it so I don’t get distracted and lose interest.

This week’s resolutions:

Go to bed by 11pm, at least in bed, if not asleep

Count calories and be mindful of what I am eating both calorie and portion wise

Drink 8 glasses of water a day (I know, a repeat,  but it has to stay until I make it a habit)

Not sure what I want to do, or can do exercise wise this week. I developed a sore throat Sunday night ,and it persisted through today, so I am sleeping lots, taking airborne and zycam to keep my immune system up.

My sleepy time wellness tea and Tylenol PM are kicking in now, so I am going to run off to bed while the haze of  sleep is near, the worst part of Tylenol pm is the evasiveness of the sleep 😉


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