A sickeningly gushy post about Billy…

I have been casually editing some of my raw wedding photos over the last week in preparation for creating a shutterfly wedding album, as well as to decorate my apartment. Looking over those photos brings back so many memories! I am so thankful for my loving, compassionate, goofy, kindhearted, and amazing husband every time I see the tender looks caught on film (on memory card?) from our wedding day. We had such a good time at our wedding, and it is nice to be reminded of that even now, two and a half years later. That we can be going on 6 years together, and still get butterflies when we see each other is a testament to God’s hand being involved in our meeting, and helps affirm that he is indeed my soul mate.

I had never put much stock in the idea of soul mates before Billy. Boys were fun. I liked boy. I really liked boys, and had no problem dating and finding boyfriends, but I didn’t realize I was lacking quality in the guys I dated until Billy walked into my life and put them all to shame! He was a gentleman, opening doors for me, handing me my seatbelt in the car, loving my girlfriends as I do, being kind to my crazy family, and putting up with me on my worst days, not a small feat by any means, I can be quite unbearable. He let me be my silliest, and matched me in my own goofiness, something I didn’t think was possible, but allows us to have a lot of fun together. He listened to what I had to say, gave me insightful advice and input, realized when I needed someone to fix my problems, and when I just needed someone to listen to me get it off my chest. He was open to most of my musical preferences, and even adopted some of my favorite bands as his own. He gave me a strong family unit with his own. They brought me into the fold with silly dinner time conversation and unconditional love I had never known from someone else’s family. Best of all, he fixed my car when it was broken!! There is nothing better than a man who can take the weird noises, smoke, check engine lights, flat tires, dead batteries, and make them all better when all I can do is magically wish it better. He is like a piece of the puzzle that I didn’t even know was missing until he was there. He completes me.

We still get excited to see each other, and I can say I honestly miss him when he’s been gone. We still love cuddling, and he makes me swoon when he gets this intense look of love in his eyes. We still crawl into bed each night and want to chat like kids at a sleepover, even though we may have hung out all evening. He loves me with morning breath, my hair in tangles, and in my frumpiest clothes. I love his “sexy breath” that he gets on occasion that I never knew was possible to get, and the way he warms me up no matter how cold I am. How we are just the right height for my nose to be right at his neck when we hug, and I can breathe in the intoxicating “Billy smell” that is uniquely his own, and makes me knees weak. We have such a good time together with anything from watching movies, geeking out together, to vacationing and checking out new places.

I am so thankful I have a husband who is also my best friend, someone who gets me in my entirety and takes me as I am. I feel blessed, and thankful that we found each other, and are eager to experience all of life together, the good and bad. Here are some of my favorite wedding pictures, the ones that remind me of amazing man I married 🙂



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