another Billy memory

I hold dear a lot of the things Billy says to me, but there is one comment that will forever stick with me, as it was said so sincerely,  but had so much meaning for me. We were staying at Billy’s family’s house on Christmas eve a few years ago. When we had snuggled into our makeshift bed for the evening, he cuddled me close, took a big whiff, and proclaimed “awww, you smell like home!” I know he meant to say that the bedtime smells he associated with home were actually my nighttime skin care products, and he had just figured that out by being away from home with me and still smelling those same scents. Even knowing this, just him proclaiming that I smell like home made me all warm and fuzzy inside. I like that I am home for my husband. I feel the same way about him, his personal scents are so much a part of what makes me happy that I have a hard time buying him any new fragrances  or skin products in fear that it will change his smell.

I am just one big ball of love for my hubby this week, had to share again!

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