2010 Golden Globes

Here’s a concept, how bout I actually post a hair related blog?? Who would have thought such a concept would work with my hair by Adrian blog? Yeah, I know, silly of me to not even attempt until now!

I have been checking out pictures from the recent Golden Globes awards show, and there were some very nice styles that are harbingers for the trends of 2010.

Down and wavy styles are still very popular. Jennifer Aniston refuses to try anything other than her ubiquitous style, but there were some others who did a very nice job of it.

Jennifer Aniston looked lovely presenting with Gerard Butler, that handsome devil! They have a new movie coming out soon called The Bounty which I am sure i will end up seeing. Billy is a big Leonidas fan, so anything Gerard is in, he will see with a rousing “THIS IS SPARTA!!” quote complete with leg kick of invisible messenger into the pit of death.

Ah, George, you got yourself another looker!! Elisabetta Canalis looked effortless in her soft curls.

I LOVED Emily Blunt’s dress! It’s was girly and romantic and all things gorgeous. Her hair should have been different, maybe a softly pulled back side chignon, because the down curls were blah. It looks like something a high schooler would do for themselves before a school dance. John Krasinsky looked dapper in his tux, but the side parted hair?? He must be very influenced by Mad Men.

Penelope Cruz perfectly embodied Old Hollywood Glamour. She was gorgeous in her brushed out waves, I think she wins for best down hair.

I love pulled back styles on stars or awards shows. There is something that screams classy and appropriate when they are in gorgeous designer gowns to have their hair styled a little more elegantly. I don’t mind seeing pretty waves and curls, but man, it always seems to lack just a little something.

Anna Kendrick had hair that was young, pretty, and super flattering. Her asymmetrical dress definitely needed her hair pulled off of her shoulders to truly show off that neckline. See, it’s easy to looked pulled together in a gown when you pull back your hair, and it doesn’t have to be slicked back (ahem, Mariah Carey!) or super curled and fussy.

I loved everything about Courtney Cox in this dress and hairstyle! She looked perfect and is definitely one of my favorites of the night.

And now for something I thought was all wrong! Her dress was weird and her hair was severe and dated, not attractive or youthful enough for Drew Barrymore. Yuck.

I am a huge Kate Hudson fan, but I wasn’t particularly fond of her hairstyle. I get what she was going for by being simple and pulled back to really highlight her sculptural dress, but it could have been better. She is one star that can totally rock a slicked back ponytail or chignon and this would have been the perfect dress to do that with. Oh the potential!! My hands itch to get a hold of her mane! Anyone else notice how much more like Goldie Hawn Kate is looking these days? Guess she is aging gracefully, like a wine, there are more nuances to be discovered now.

Sandra Bullock was completely on par with the side swept trend that has been hanging around this past year or so. I don’t think I would have left quite so much down on the side, but it’s well done enough for me not to get up in arms.

Meryl Streep was so age appropriate and beautiful with her hair and dress, there is nothing I can say bad about it! She is one star who knows what works for her, and goes to that place for awards shows. I love it!

And my personal favorite of the night…

Ah, Olivia Wilde, not only is she gorgeous and talented, but she is also a real live PRINCESS! Get out, who get’s to be a princess and an actress?? Very few women that is for sure. She looked beautiful with her hair pulled back in a ponytail with a little detail around the crown. This style reminds me of a sleeker and modern Brigitte Bardot circa the 70’s.

So that’s what I think of the hairstyles from the Golden Globes. Of course there were many that I didn’t include, but I would be here all night if I wanted to make commentary on them all, so I picked a few I thought were fun.


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