failure footwear

At dinner tonight, Billy proposed a website that he would like to create someday. Although he was joking, he has mentioned this idea before in other ways, so he is at least somewhat serious.

Billy’s website would be called and it would be a site that wholesale what he considers failures in the footwear category. His main sellers would be Uggs, moccasins, and Wellies rainboots. Unfortunately, he developed these aversions because I love moccasins and wellies, and he refuses to let me wear either. I’m not an Ugg fan, so I still have some credit in his eyes. He also said he would ship the shoe order with a complimentary bumper sticker and fridge magnet that said “I wear ugly shoes” or “I fail at footwear” so they could broadcast their bad taste to everyone.

I think he should add Crocs to his imaginary shoe list 😉 Yeah, I have a funny husband.


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