Sites I love

I would like to introduce you to some of the sites that make my online time enjoyable. Please enjoy the quick peak inside my browser history!

Michelle is a friend from high school who has style, humourous quips, and is allowing us to follow her pregnancy. It is so much fun seeing her body change, and learning about the new shoes and books she is currently obsessed with. Check her out at

Shanni Weilert is an amazing photographer, and I would love to see photos of you on her site. She is married to an old friend of mine from church, and I am so happy he found an amazing girl like Shanni to complete him! Check her out at, I follow her blog religiously, and am so happy when my browser alerts me to a new post from her, as it is always filled with gorgeous photos and sweet words about her latest session.

Juliet Nicole is one of my favorite photo shoot photographers, and I am so glad we have worked together a few times already, and I can’t wait till she has more time to do others. I love the vivid colors, and the way she is able to catch emotion in her subjects. A lot of my favorite photos on my website are from my 2 shoots with her. Check her out at

You know I am a sucker for lolcats because I post my favorites regularly, so here is the link I look to the most for my daily kitty fix

For my theological fix, as well as some interesting views on children, middle school ministry, and his take on life, I love reading Rob Walter’s blog. he gives me lots of things to ponder, as well a new outlook on the everyday occurences I typically take for granted. he makes me more mindful of my situation and how to appreciate what I have.

When I am feeling particularly ambitious and actually decide to track what I eat and how much I exercise, I always use to help me stay focused and mindful of my eating. it really sucks when you realize just how many calories that piece of cake had, and how little the exercise you just did affected the overall number. It’s a good tool for anyone who is interested in weight loss and knowing the facts.


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