Horrid headware

Billy came up with a sister website to failurefootwear.com, this one is horridheadwear.com, and would highlight some of the most hideous hats, beanies, and caps that are being sold today. Take for instance the kiosk in the mall that sells 100% wool hand-made beanies with poms and ear flaps in the shape of animals. Or the hats that Andrew from the Real World D.C. wears, which are quite literally stuffed animals such as pandas, skunks and other such silliness turned into hats.

He also dislikes hunter caps with the tie up flaps à la Elmer Fudd, and Russian fur hats, not sure what they are called, but anytime a Russian dancer comes to mind I imagine the big fuzzy hats.

He is less picky about headwear than footwear, but still has his predispositions and would like them known, or at least be able to cash in on the gullible people who want to wear the atrocities.


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