House Guests

I LOVE taking care of people. I really enjoy playing “mom” to my friends, and doing whatever I can, and offering all I have to the people I love. It’s a part of my personality, something I have embraced and encouraged, as it makes not only my friends happy, but also makes me happy. This past week at church, the pastor asked us what our strengths and weakness are. I think hospitality is one of my strengths. I am working out the rest of my strengths and weaknesses, but this I absolutely know.

Billy and I played host to my great friend Lexie and her Scottish boyfriend Grant for the last 3 days, and we had an absolute blast! Lexie and Grant just returned from an 11 month stint in New Zealand where they lived and worked and traveled, and have since been running around California, from Morro Bay to San Francisco, and gave us the pleasure of their company.

We wanted to make sure they had a good time with us, so I went into ultra hostess mode, stocking the fridge with all sorts of goodies, filling up the aerobed, and cleaning the apartment from top to bottom. I was told Grant is quite the cook, so I took him on a tour of my kitchen, gave him free rein for any meals he wanted to cook, and told them both to make themselves at home. My gracious repression of my pseudo OCD and control issues paid off, as Grant and Lexie made us a UK favorite of bangers, mash and peas! It was a totally Americanized version with Trader Joe’s mango sausages, but it was delicious. It was nice having someone else want to take care of dinner for us, instead of me rushing home to hastily throw together a meal for Billy and I.

I returned the favor the next night, and created the Traveler’s Cafe with menu cards, cloth napkins and all. On the menu: sautéed broccoli with red pepper flakes, parmesan and romano rice, chicken cordon bleu, and home-made chocolate chip cookies for dessert. We had a great dinner together, and beyond the food, it was nice to enjoy their conversation, the stories from the last year they have spent abroad, and get to know Grant whom Lexie has been dating for the last 3 years and we have heard LOADS about. Favorite quote of the night: “It was YUM!” Thanks Grant.


Our Table

We enjoyed a hike in Santa Teresa Park, forging our own path up and over hills, enjoying the reprieve from the rain, and enjoying the beauty of nature and again, each other’s company.

Grant and Lexie helped me figure out if a faux fur shrug I have is actually faux fur, not stray dog or kitty fur because it was made in China, where they have lower standards. Grant even modeled the shrug, and I happened to catch it in a photo! Oh Grant, did you realize you would be put on my blog in Lexie’s shades and my shrug? Oh boy, you should know better!

I am so glad Lexie is back in California, I missed her so much the last year, and can’t wait to hang out more once she is all settled in.


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