If Billy had a blog…

…He would write about cars. Car parts, dream cars, lists of mods he would do to cars, what he has done to his cars, etc. He would probably also write about UFC and Mixed Martial Arts, but that would be secondary to cars .

Today Billy and I are visiting his parents, and they have fanangled him into helping clean out the garage. I however, am sitting bundled up in a blanket on a chair watching through the open garage door while Billy and his mama sort through boxes. Billy manages to get her to throw out 80% of the stuff that they go through. Yeah, I’m a lazy girl, but its better this way. Better because it keeps the peace between me and the mama; I am way too OCD and controlling to be able to help in any way.

This is also an exercise in bonding for Billy and his mama. They are oohing and aahhing over random finds, and Billy will occasionally sing the do-do-do-do Zelda “find something cool” song when he stumbles upon a relic of his youth. So far, its been weapons. Brass knuckles, the Thunder Cats Sword of Omens, various ninja swords, police issue telescoping batons, and a staple gun- don’t ask about that last one, but do know he had fun shooting staples into the yard. Turns out my baby has quite the collection of “hurt bad guys” things. He isn’t allowed to bring them home, they scare me.
Now, aside from helping his folks out and bonding with his mama in the process, Billy’s real motivation for cleaning out the garage is so he can work on and store his project car in a clean space. For the last year his pretty little Eclipse has been in residence in the driveway, which was fine when it was a paint peeling bucket of bolts. Now however, it is a freshly painted, sleek machine that is a few modifications and adjustments away from being a not-very-street-legal rocket. Ten years in the making, and finally he is rounding the bend on the dream mods list of “I wish I could do that to my car”. The paint wasn’t on his list, but his best friend and I surprised him for his birthday with some body work and a custom gorgeous paint job. I may think Eva (the Eclipse dream car) is the other woman in our relationship (how dare he spend money on a girl other than me!) I still want his project over and done with, and also to see him happy.
The garage has come to a stalemate with Billy and his mama, they could get rid of and move more stuff, but there is no more garbage or recycling space, so they have called it quits for the day. Now Billy is on to his car, charging the battery, turning it on, listening to the motor, and I’m sure, plotting his next mod and figuring out what needs to be done in order for his project to be complete.


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