Stormy, with a chance of moodiness

I think the weather has me down today. I was so happy with the gorgeous day we had yesterday. I mean, 70 degrees, sunny and warm enough for me to have gotten a tan while sitting out in the yard for an hour? Yeah, that’s some good weather for February. Today however, is stormy, grey, wet and generally not so good. Going from beautiful and perfect to down right depressing in a span of hours is not my idea of fun. Yesterday was such a tease.

My mood most definitely reflects the change in weather. I was upbeat, positive, and cheerful yesterday, while today I have been struggling to keep a good attitude. It started off that way, with a 7:30am text to set up a “study date” for Kobe to work on his science fair project with a friend after school that I am in no way able to help with because the concept is beyond my limited science of magnetism knowledge. Magnets stick to metal, but not aluminium. Sometimes, if you turn a magnet around, it will repel another magnet. That’s it. The boys’ report is outside this, so I was counting on 5th graders to be self-motivated and knowledgable enough to start their report on their own, hah yeah right.

Second, twice today I have had plans changed at the very last moment. That may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is mood wrecking and intensely awful to a control freak like me. For starters, I finally convinced Billy to go for a walk with me at the lake near our house, but as we are driving over, the ominous and threatening black thunder clouds opened up and it began to rain. Yup, mother nature rained ALL over my parade, er, walk. My hubby is definitely not a fan of exercise and likes it even less when it is outside in pollen and allergen land. For me to have gotten a positive response was ground breaking, so I was instantly pouty when I realized it would not come to fruition. Now, I am sitting at home on a Friday evening, which in itself is not unusual, I AM a homebody, but we had made plans to head to Santa Cruz to hang out with a beauty school friend of mine who is in town, and all of Billy’s work friends for sushi. I came home from work, got myself ready to go out, and then had to wait around while the hubby got himself ready, totally the opposite of what normally happens, but he had been engrossed in a video game and was shirking responsibility. He finally decides to call a friend to ask about meeting times and such, only to find out the whole dinner was called off on account of rain and general lack of interest in various parties of driving through the storm and meeting up.

Unfortunately, I HATE change, so to have encountered it twice in one day, while on my way to the activity that was changed, really frustrates me. I can deal with change if I have ample notice, say had Billy called before I got home, and asked these questions then so he could let me know what to expect and know not to go through the effort of putting on makeup, changing clothes and generally being in the mindset to go out, I would have been better equipped to handle the change in plans. Now I am completely wrecked for any good times, and am taking it out on my hubby who just looks at me like “plans change, get over it, it’s not my fault”. I want him to be Superman and save the day and my mood, but he is a mere mortal human being who can’t read my mind, and doesn’t know how to fix everything *gasp*!

Sometimes I just make everything worse, especially if my control issues are involved.

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