a fresh look at how to look at healthcare

This is a blog from me about a religious blog that talks about healthcare, from a pastor of a church in South Carolina. This gave me a new focus on the crazy healthcare debate that is happening in our country. I choose not to be too political, I am pretty much a middle ground person, and I don’t normally talk politics because I understand that everyone has their own opinion, and we are all entitled to that and having a different opinion doesn’t make it wrong. Certain things scare me politically, but I know that in the grand scheme of things, nothing really matters too much, we are going to keep living our lives as much in the same way as we can. So, without further ado, I give you a fresh look at how to look at healthcare: http://www.perrynoble.com/2010/03/30/my-thoughts-on-health-care-reform/


I’ll have the 2009 shir-wah

Billy is hogging the internet bandwidth by downloading procuring episodes of Spartacus-an intensely violent, bloody, stomach turning take on ancient Rome and the gladiators. Wah! I hate reloading webpages and slow connections. I need some cheese and crackers with my whine. I will content myself with the homemade chocolate chip cookies I decided to make tonight to celebrate my week of workouts, all 4 days of training for my 5k and the extra day of turbo kickboxing I threw in for some cross training. 3 steps forward, 2 steps back and all that jazz, right? I sure know how to undo all the good I do.

I think I need to write a book called “These aren’t my parents” or something similar that details the difference between parents and their progeny. I sometimes wonder if my mom bought me on the black market and that’s why she and I, and also my siblings and I, are so very different. The uncanny resemblance I share with my mom however, is a deterrent in this thought process. Who knew green eyes, the ability to tan easily (she blames our French heritage) the exact cough (hers a smokers cough, mine just obnoxious) and similar laughs (loud, unrestrained and used often) were all part of the genetic soup.

Aside from physical similarities, she gave me an intense desire to succeed, unrealistic expectations and extremely high standards, a love of chocolate and back massages, the need to take care of anyone and everyone. Here I had previously written a page of rambling about how a few years ago she fell off the pedestal I put her on as a child, and how I have become disillusioned blah blah blah, but no one wants to know that, and frankly, I’m not sure I want to share that with the internet, and any readers I may have. I have to remember I am not always talking to myself here haha

Easter is next Sunday, I have been successful in avoiding almost all related chocolate and candy! I did however have a taste of a chocolate covered marshmallow peep (very tasty) and a Cadbury caramel egg, an Easter staple. I will stay away from the rest of the holiday candy, as that is how I mercilessly and unthinkingly undid all of my hard work over the summer and regained 8 pounds at Halloween.

And now I leave you with a lolcat to make you forget the rambling mess I become when I am tired and allowed to blog past my bedtime.

Because Billy is watching a show that reminds me of 300 and I have always said I would like to be a trophy wife 😉

Congratulations Megan and Dillon!

I am so pleased to have been a part of Megan and Dillon’s wedding this past weekend. Megan is a lovely, sweet and beautiful bride, and she and her sister Melissa were classmates and friends of mine from high school. It was such a fun way to kick off the wedding season and I am glad they called me in! The first thing I said to Megan on Saturday morning was “what nature gods did you bribe to get GORGEOUS 75 degree weather in March??” We were astounded with the luck of getting June weather for her off-season March wedding. The first wedding of the season is usually a little rocky because I sometimes feel rusty, or out of practice, but I was happy that everything went smoothly. I should have checked my wedding kit the night before like I usually do, because I ran out of hairspray mid wedding party! Luckily I figured this out and was able to have Billy bring me some reserve cans before I hit the last drop, and there was not a moment of down time waiting on my mistake. I have already made a list of products I need to replenish before May, when my next batch of weddings arrive. Oh, I am a lucky girl to be able to have a job that makes people look and feel beautiful, and that is so fulfilling and satisfying to me. I am truly blessed with work that makes me happy 🙂

Congratulations and best wishes Megan and Dillon! Thank you for letting me be a part of your beautiful day.

Megan’s style was inspired by a Carrie Underwood style seen here: 

and later Carrie also influenced the bridesmaids hair styles as well!

here are some photos I stole off of Melissa’s FaceBook page! I love FB stalking 😉

Aren’t these bridesmaid dresses so adorable?! The flowers on the shoulder strap went down the back as well.

No! I don’t wanna change!

Ugh, Billy is doing the unthinkable, a sacrilege in this house…he downloaded iTunes, and is proceeding to sync the ooooold iPod I found months ago with it.

Why is this bad, when most of the world is already freakishly devoted to Apple products, uses iPods and iTunes regularly? Because I am not a fan of change, and have been a Windows girl, and a Zune lover for years. Our trusty Zune was great up till a few months ago when Billy (more truthfully, his dad) installed Windows 7 on our desktop, but in the wrong drive, and thus wiped out 6 years worth of pictures, music, and downloaded content that we had saved there. Once Windows 7 was all booted up, and the problems figured out, the music and such destroyed in the process, we realized that Microsoft was having issues, and the Zune platform was no longer compatible for some insane reason. Hello, Microsoft, you made both Windows 7 and Zune, why can’t we get the Zune program to load and sync with our device??? Sure we can log in from the website, see our music and download history still floating around some server out there in internet space, but we can’t access or download any of it to the computer, making it a futile exercise. Also, since our Zune device has not been synced with the computer in months, it is missing several crucial updates, and is now FREAKING out and we can’t access any music on it either. There are more details that my technophobic brain just doesn’t understand, which would probably clarify this post a bit more, but alas, not so.

So the iPod I found in my apartment parking lot, posted signs looking for the owner but was never claimed, is now my only source of music on the go. However much I like and appreciate the R&B including Kanye, Alicia Keys, Prince, Timbaland and Michael Jackson that came fully loaded on the found iPod, it is NOT my favorite music, especially to work out to. So Billy is once again riding to my rescue on his techno know-how and is setting up my music on the iPod so I can have a successful workout and be properly motivated by Jimmy Eat World, New Found Glory, Hollywood Undead, Lady Gaga, Skillet, the Almost and Jay-Z. I know, I have eclectic taste in music. But THAT’S how I like it.

Lesson of the day: ALWAYS back up your files, be it text, music, pictures or anything else you never want to lose off of a hard drive. Also, Microsoft sucks, but is better than changing an entire platform to Apple, which to me anyway, is a crazy whackadoo world of different and scary from my comfortable and homelike Microsoft.

cue trumpet blasts

dun dun duh duh dun dun! That was my attempt at heralding trumpet music, because this blog post is worthy of some heralding!

I am very happy to announce that Hair by Adrian will soon be Hair AND Makeup by Adrian! I have recently signed myself up for amazing makeup classes that my salon owner offers for April and May, which will allow me to offer both hair styling and makeup application for my brides starting this summer! The makeup courses are intensive, and will give me the tools, techniques, and confidence to pamper my brides to the max and offer more services through the same vendor.

I think I need to come up with a new business name, as just hair will no longer be applicable. Any suggestions?

I will need models for each class, and if a day of sitting in a chair being pampered and having makeup applied for free, while learning your own tips and tricks of the trade in the process, let me know! Dates and classes I need models for are

Freelance makeup Saturday April 24 10am-2:30pm* not sure if I need a model for this particular class, but better safe than sorry

Skin and Lash Sunday April 25 10am-2:30

Bridal Sunday May 2 10am-2:30pm

Photography & makeup Sunday May 16 10am-12pm

Airbrush makeup Sunday May 23 10am-2:30pm

If you would also like to take makeup classes check out http://www.luxagency.net/education.html Classes are taught by the salon owner, Jena Perry, a 10+ year veteran of the makeup world, having worked with the likes of Mary J. Blige, Quincy Jones and other top Hollywood names as well as on television commercials and feature films. She is a wealth of knowledge, super skilled, and very personable to boot and would give you a great foundation in makeup, as a hobby, or a career.

lolcat tuesday

I’m feeling particularly blah today, very lump like, and would like nothing better than to become one with the couch…so you get kitties!

Oh man, I refused to order cookies this year, I would have eaten all of them!

Yes indeed, this is what my own self control is like!

Are you sensing a theme here yet? Me. Want. Cookie. Lots.

2010 Oscar’s red carpet hair styles

So it looks like my predictions for wavy, natural textured hair were wrong! I saw so many sleek styles, low tight buns, and smooth, smooth hair. There were only a few headbands or jeweled hair pieces and brooches. I also saw quite a few “dated” styles, which I feel were popular in the late 90’s and early 00’s. As for dresses, gold was the way to go tonight! Here are my notes from tonight’s 82nd Academy Awards red carpet. I found pictures too!

Anna Hendricks- wearing pale pink, has the low loose hairdo I predicted!!

Zoe Saldana- cool jewel crusted bodice on an ugly lavender dress with ruffle bottom. Looped ponytail bun with height on top.

Nicole Richie- terrible long sleeve floor length gown in striped beaded gun metal with a low draped back. Hair in high tight pulled back bun.

Vera Farmiga- gorgeous pleated ruffle cranberry colored dress. Hair had weird wing like front bang area, and caught at nape of neck in a bun.

Maggie Gyllenhall- cute blue patterned dress, clean pulled back with a little height and close to the head pinned curls in back. A very pretty jeweled brooch as adornment.

Elizabeth Banks- gun metal grey dress, very pretty with a large ruffled bottom. Pretty but simple side parted bun, and of course a headband like I predicted!

Tina Fey- not a fan of her hair, sort of a pompadour with lightly curled half down hair. Dress is one shoulder and very pretty with jet beads all over it.

Amanda Seyfried- do not like the straight top and draped but stiff looking white dress. Severely pulled back hair caught in a ballerina bun.

Sandra Bullock- so perfect! Smoothly blown out side parted hair is left down, tucked behind her ears and reflects like glass. Gorgeous gold dress with a mermaid shape.

Diane Krueger- Pretty dress in cream and black, halter top and frilly skirt. Hair, ehh, not won over. Looks dated, twists caught at crown of head in a bun with a side part and little height on top. I pulled this look off in high school on myself, so not super impressed.

Sarah Jessica Parker- AH-mazing hair! Large loops like a flower on the back of her head and a tightly pulled back front which happened to look frizzy. Very Carrie Bradshaw-esque, in fact, I think she wore a very similar style for a few of the episodes, correct me if I’m wrong.  In Chanel Couture yellow sack like dress with silver rosie embellishments at neck and back and weirdest but cool strap that went around the neck and back behind the arms.

Charlize Theron- interesting rose cups over bosom in a mauvey purple color. Sleek hair, simple side parted and pulled back into a low bun.

Meryl Streep- interesting draped low v neck long-sleeved white dress. Perfect for her age and body. Hair looks nice all looped up and French twisted in the back.

Rachel McAdams- Awesome dress in multicolored crisscrossing pattern with a full skirt complimented by sleek pulled back hair and bun. Probably my favorite dress of the night, I loved how interesting the pattern was!

Cameron Diaz- pretty glitzy gold dress, which looked very nice on her. Hair was simple and blown out, worn over one shoulder.

Hair predictions for the Oscars!

Instead of waiting for the Academy Awards red carpet Sunday evening, and searching high and low for the images of my favorite hair looks later on, I decided to throw out some hair trend predictions and see how I fare.

I anticipate that there will continue to be a lot of texture, side buns, and retro inspired looks. I also sense there will be the common loose wavy deal that all of Hollywood seems so fond of. I’m hoping for some inspired new looks that I can add to my hair style toolbox for use this wedding season. Here are some photos of my predictions!

Texture will be big, less of the sleek stuff we were seeing for so long, the pin straight is out in favor of a more natural wave and beachy texture.

Lauren Conrad is a style maven, and you would not imagine how many requests for this style I get! Similar variations will be plentiful!

headbands will make another appearance in many forms- skinny, mulitple bands, thick, and bejeweled, look for them!

Look for retro styles with finger waves and pin curls integrated in a modern way

Braids will continue to pull hair off the face, whether across the forehead, or with a more prominent place integral to the style such as this one. I’m guessing there will be more loose braids down the back or over the shoulder too.


Watch the Oscars Sunday night on ABC at 8pm (I think!) and let me know what you think of the red carpet styles! I will probably just watch the red carpet, as the actual awards ceremony is pretty boring and long 😉

Wedding cake extravaganza!!

This week tired me out, like seriously physically tired me out. My best friend Sarah was commissioned to make a beautiful wedding cake for her brother’s wedding, in return for the gorgeous cake he had made her for her own wedding 3 years ago. This family makes me sick, they are so multi-talented and amazing. Just a few things Sarah alone excels at: sewing- including pattern making, formal wear, bags, fashion forward attire, and a few prom dresses for yours truly, Baking/cooking- she made my wedding cupcakes and cutting cake, including the hand painted royal icing flowers and also my wedding favors which were homemade chocolate truffles, and she bakes and cooks a mean game anytime she gets the chance, Gardening- she brought her own herbs she had grown in New Mexico while she was living there, home to San Jose when they moved back this past summer and she got a dwarf Meyer lemon tree as her Christmas present, and she is even a veritable  know it all- just ask her a random question, and she will have some tidbit of information that will tickle your brain.  Now that’s an introduction! But back to my cake story….

Since Sarah realized there would ONLY be wedding cake and beverages served to the 250 guests her brother and future sister-in-law had invited, she knew she had her work cut out for her, and thus enlisted my services as a sou chef to help with the load. We began baking on Sunday, committing 12+ hours to white cake and vanilla buttercream (along with cleaning, running out to buy ingredients etc). Monday we resumed our cake making for 8+ hours, this time working on chocolate cake, more vanilla buttercream and flavored buttercream fillings.  Tuesday we finished up with 4+ hours of the remaining cakes and buttercreams to ensure we had enough to create a 7 tier wedding cake consisting of 2-3 layers of cake per tier. I think the final count was somewhere around 17 layers of cake and 15+ batches of buttercream. For all of this, I know we went through 2-3 cans of cocoa powder, about 15 pounds of sugar,  at least 30 pounds of butter, and at least 120 eggs. I say “at least” because I stopped counting after that point.

We reached a state of exhaustion that rendered us completely unable to bake anymore on each day but we came back for more the next.  I give it to Sarah for persevering and continuing to work even after I left, because I know I was “honey, stick a fork in me, I’m done” and she kept going. She’s an Energizer bunny, that one!

But it didn’t end in her kitchen here in San Jose, oh no! Sarah preceded to pack up all the crumb coated layers and ziplock bags of buttercream, pack them into the car, and she, her hubby and grandpa spent two days driving up to Le Grand, Oregon, where her brother lives and the wedding is taking place. There she stacked the layers with specific fillings, and frosted the entire cake, made her own fondant, colored it bright yellow and green, made differing sizes of polka dots, and added the dots and ribbon to the cake.

The flavors went this way from the bottom up. Tier #1= chocolate cake with mocha buttercream. Tier #2= white cake with raspberry buttercream (we made our own raspberry sauce and flavored vanilla buttercream with it, soooo good!). Tier #3= white cake with chocolate buttercream. Tier #4= white cake with vanilla buttercream. Tier #5 chocolate cake with chocolate toffee buttercream. Tier #6= white cake with raspberry  buttercream. Tier #7= chocolate cake with mocha buttercream.

This girl is going places, and I am so glad she is finally giving in to all of us pressuring her to start her own cake business! We are currently working on a business plan and figuring out how to start her out, but when she’s online, you know I will send a shout out her way so you all can check out the greatness that is Sarah and her cakes. If you want to commission a cake made by Sarah, let me know and I will pass the info on!

Here a few pictures from our cake making extravaganza! Sorry the resolution is bad, I only had my Blackberry on me and used that to take photos, not the best quality!

Sarah and I separated all of the egg whites for the white cakes and buttercream, that was only half! We had a "mixer armada" because EVERYTHING was homemade!


Just a few of te chocolate cake layers, there were many more!


Kelso really enjoyed the raspberry buttercream!

TA DA!!! The finished product!