Hair predictions for the Oscars!

Instead of waiting for the Academy Awards red carpet Sunday evening, and searching high and low for the images of my favorite hair looks later on, I decided to throw out some hair trend predictions and see how I fare.

I anticipate that there will continue to be a lot of texture, side buns, and retro inspired looks. I also sense there will be the common loose wavy deal that all of Hollywood seems so fond of. I’m hoping for some inspired new looks that I can add to my hair style toolbox for use this wedding season. Here are some photos of my predictions!

Texture will be big, less of the sleek stuff we were seeing for so long, the pin straight is out in favor of a more natural wave and beachy texture.

Lauren Conrad is a style maven, and you would not imagine how many requests for this style I get! Similar variations will be plentiful!

headbands will make another appearance in many forms- skinny, mulitple bands, thick, and bejeweled, look for them!

Look for retro styles with finger waves and pin curls integrated in a modern way

Braids will continue to pull hair off the face, whether across the forehead, or with a more prominent place integral to the style such as this one. I’m guessing there will be more loose braids down the back or over the shoulder too.


Watch the Oscars Sunday night on ABC at 8pm (I think!) and let me know what you think of the red carpet styles! I will probably just watch the red carpet, as the actual awards ceremony is pretty boring and long 😉

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