2010 Oscar’s red carpet hair styles

So it looks like my predictions for wavy, natural textured hair were wrong! I saw so many sleek styles, low tight buns, and smooth, smooth hair. There were only a few headbands or jeweled hair pieces and brooches. I also saw quite a few “dated” styles, which I feel were popular in the late 90’s and early 00’s. As for dresses, gold was the way to go tonight! Here are my notes from tonight’s 82nd Academy Awards red carpet. I found pictures too!

Anna Hendricks- wearing pale pink, has the low loose hairdo I predicted!!

Zoe Saldana- cool jewel crusted bodice on an ugly lavender dress with ruffle bottom. Looped ponytail bun with height on top.

Nicole Richie- terrible long sleeve floor length gown in striped beaded gun metal with a low draped back. Hair in high tight pulled back bun.

Vera Farmiga- gorgeous pleated ruffle cranberry colored dress. Hair had weird wing like front bang area, and caught at nape of neck in a bun.

Maggie Gyllenhall- cute blue patterned dress, clean pulled back with a little height and close to the head pinned curls in back. A very pretty jeweled brooch as adornment.

Elizabeth Banks- gun metal grey dress, very pretty with a large ruffled bottom. Pretty but simple side parted bun, and of course a headband like I predicted!

Tina Fey- not a fan of her hair, sort of a pompadour with lightly curled half down hair. Dress is one shoulder and very pretty with jet beads all over it.

Amanda Seyfried- do not like the straight top and draped but stiff looking white dress. Severely pulled back hair caught in a ballerina bun.

Sandra Bullock- so perfect! Smoothly blown out side parted hair is left down, tucked behind her ears and reflects like glass. Gorgeous gold dress with a mermaid shape.

Diane Krueger- Pretty dress in cream and black, halter top and frilly skirt. Hair, ehh, not won over. Looks dated, twists caught at crown of head in a bun with a side part and little height on top. I pulled this look off in high school on myself, so not super impressed.

Sarah Jessica Parker- AH-mazing hair! Large loops like a flower on the back of her head and a tightly pulled back front which happened to look frizzy. Very Carrie Bradshaw-esque, in fact, I think she wore a very similar style for a few of the episodes, correct me if I’m wrong.  In Chanel Couture yellow sack like dress with silver rosie embellishments at neck and back and weirdest but cool strap that went around the neck and back behind the arms.

Charlize Theron- interesting rose cups over bosom in a mauvey purple color. Sleek hair, simple side parted and pulled back into a low bun.

Meryl Streep- interesting draped low v neck long-sleeved white dress. Perfect for her age and body. Hair looks nice all looped up and French twisted in the back.

Rachel McAdams- Awesome dress in multicolored crisscrossing pattern with a full skirt complimented by sleek pulled back hair and bun. Probably my favorite dress of the night, I loved how interesting the pattern was!

Cameron Diaz- pretty glitzy gold dress, which looked very nice on her. Hair was simple and blown out, worn over one shoulder.

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