cue trumpet blasts

dun dun duh duh dun dun! That was my attempt atĀ heraldingĀ trumpet music, because this blog post is worthy of some heralding!

I am very happy to announce that Hair by Adrian will soon be Hair AND Makeup by Adrian! I have recently signed myself up for amazing makeup classes that my salon owner offers for April and May, which will allow me to offer both hair styling and makeup application for my brides starting this summer! The makeup courses are intensive, and will give me the tools, techniques, and confidence to pamper my brides to the max and offer more services through the same vendor.

I think I need to come up with a new business name, as just hair will no longer be applicable. Any suggestions?

I will need models for each class, and if a day of sitting in a chair being pampered and having makeup applied for free, while learning your own tips and tricks of the trade in the process, let me know! Dates and classes I need models for are

Freelance makeup Saturday April 24 10am-2:30pm* not sure if I need a model for this particular class, but better safe than sorry

Skin and Lash Sunday April 25 10am-2:30

Bridal Sunday May 2 10am-2:30pm

Photography & makeup Sunday May 16 10am-12pm

Airbrush makeup Sunday May 23 10am-2:30pm

If you would also like to take makeup classes check out Classes are taught by the salon owner, Jena Perry, a 10+ year veteran of the makeup world, having worked with the likes of Mary J. Blige, Quincy Jones and other top Hollywood names as well as on television commercials and feature films. She is a wealth of knowledge, super skilled, and very personable to boot and would give you a great foundation in makeup, as a hobby, or a career.


One thought on “cue trumpet blasts

  1. Hi Adrian! I think it’s great that you’re expanding. Congratulations!

    I’m available for any of the makeup class dates if you need me, but I *have* been spoiled with the amount of opportunities I’ve gotten for you to pamper me, so you should definitely give some other people a chance if you’ve got them. Let me know if you can’t fill one of the spots, and I’d be happy to be there.

    Congrats again! I’m excited for you and your future makeup success!


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