No! I don’t wanna change!

Ugh, Billy is doing the unthinkable, a sacrilege in this house…he downloaded iTunes, and is proceeding to sync the ooooold iPod I found months ago with it.

Why is this bad, when most of the world is already freakishly devoted to Apple products, uses iPods and iTunes regularly? Because I am not a fan of change, and have been a Windows girl, and a Zune lover for years. Our trusty Zune was great up till a few months ago when Billy (more truthfully, his dad) installed Windows 7 on our desktop, but in the wrong drive, and thus wiped out 6 years worth of pictures, music, and downloaded content that we had saved there. Once Windows 7 was all booted up, and the problems figured out, the music and such destroyed in the process, we realized that Microsoft was having issues, and the Zune platform was no longer compatible for some insane reason. Hello, Microsoft, you made both Windows 7 and Zune, why can’t we get the Zune program to load and sync with our device??? Sure we can log in from the website, see our music and download history still floating around some server out there in internet space, but we can’t access or download any of it to the computer, making it a futile exercise. Also, since our Zune device has not been synced with the computer in months, it is missing several crucial updates, and is now FREAKING out and we can’t access any music on it either. There are more details that my technophobic brain just doesn’t understand, which would probably clarify this post a bit more, but alas, not so.

So the iPod I found in my apartment parking lot, posted signs looking for the owner but was never claimed, is now my only source of music on the go. However much I like and appreciate the R&B including Kanye, Alicia Keys, Prince, Timbaland and Michael Jackson that came fully loaded on the found iPod, it is NOT my favorite music, especially to work out to. So Billy is once again riding to my rescue on his techno know-how and is setting up my music on the iPod so I can have a successful workout and be properly motivated by Jimmy Eat World, New Found Glory, Hollywood Undead, Lady Gaga, Skillet, the Almost and Jay-Z. I know, I have¬†eclectic¬†taste in music. But THAT’S how I like it.

Lesson of the day: ALWAYS back up your files, be it text, music, pictures or anything else you never want to lose off of a hard drive. Also, Microsoft sucks, but is better than changing an entire platform to Apple, which to me anyway, is a crazy whackadoo world of different and scary from my comfortable and homelike Microsoft.

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