I’ll have the 2009 shir-wah

Billy is hogging the internet bandwidth by downloading procuring episodes of Spartacus-an intensely violent, bloody, stomach turning take on ancient Rome and the gladiators. Wah! I hate reloading webpages and slow connections. I need some cheese and crackers with my whine. I will content myself with the homemade chocolate chip cookies I decided to make tonight to celebrate my week of workouts, all 4 days of training for my 5k and the extra day of turbo kickboxing I threw in for some cross training. 3 steps forward, 2 steps back and all that jazz, right? I sure know how to undo all the good I do.

I think I need to write a book called “These aren’t my parents” or something similar that details the difference between parents and their progeny. I sometimes wonder if my mom bought me on the black market and that’s why she and I, and also my siblings and I, are so very different. The uncanny resemblance I share with my mom however, is a deterrent in this thought process. Who knew green eyes, the ability to tan easily (she blames our French heritage) the exact cough (hers a smokers cough, mine just obnoxious) and similar laughs (loud, unrestrained and used often) were all part of the genetic soup.

Aside from physical similarities, she gave me an intense desire to succeed, unrealistic expectations and extremely high standards, a love of chocolate and back massages, the need to take care of anyone and everyone. Here I had previously written a page of rambling about how a few years ago she fell off the pedestal I put her on as a child, and how I have become disillusioned blah blah blah, but no one wants to know that, and frankly, I’m not sure I want to share that with the internet, and any readers I may have. I have to remember I am not always talking to myself here haha

Easter is next Sunday, I have been successful in avoiding almost all related chocolate and candy! I did however have a taste of a chocolate covered marshmallow peep (very tasty) and a Cadbury caramel egg, an Easter staple. I will stay away from the rest of the holiday candy, as that is how I mercilessly and unthinkingly undid all of my hard work over the summer and regained 8 pounds at Halloween.

And now I leave you with a lolcat to make you forget the rambling mess I become when I am tired and allowed to blog past my bedtime.

Because Billy is watching a show that reminds me of 300 and I have always said I would like to be a trophy wife 😉


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