end of Lent reflections

As the 40 days of Lent come to a close this weekend, I am contemplating what to do now that I have my “given up” item back. Mardi Gras marked the end of my frivolous spending and personal shopping ways, and Easter marks when I can go back to buying and spending and having a generally great time with my limited resources. My name is Adrian, and I like to shop. I enjoy shopping for clothes, shoes, makeup, hair products, house stuff, groceries, gifts and more. Basically, I like spending money, even when I don’t have any. Though I enjoy spending money, I do not need to spend a large amount of money in order to get my kicks, and I typically will satiate the craving with a simple $5 purchase. I am the complete opposite of my hubby, who likes to save for months and months to buy a large ticket item, whereas I need to spend small amounts all the time. We equal out in our spending, but his has a sticker shock that just kicks me in the gut when it happens. The kind of kick that makes you catch your breath, or like a quick rip off the band-aid sort of deal. I am generally a much gentler spender, I ease you into the loss of money, telling you all the while that is IS necessary, it DOES make you happy, and you LOVE the new items! My endorphins are increased, my mood lifted and happiness is restored to the world when I am able to make frequent purchases. These last 40 days have been an exercise in restraint for me. I have learned to refrain from my unscrupulous spending and make do with the things I have. I was still able to buy groceries, cleaning products and things for around the house, but I couldn’t buy clothes, shoes, or things of that nature. There were several moments when I felt weak, I wanted to buy buy buy, and I had to physically remove myself from tempting situations, but I managed to make it.

The end of Lent has me thinking of another change I can make in my life that may have a positive outcome like my giving up frivolous spending. I think instead of ¬†giving up something, I would like to add something and see how that goes. I’m thinking that blogging my food choices and exercise every day for 40 days will keep me honest in my weight loss and health-ifying my life, and will get me into the exercise of writing each day. I know 40 days of food and exercise will be VERY boring to anyone who actually reads this regularly, so I am trying to figure out another addition to keep it interesting and change it up. If you have any suggestions, please let me know, I would love to hear what reader(s) would like to see.

One thought on “end of Lent reflections

  1. One thing that can really help to keep you motivated is to write down your food intake and exercise; I think that was the best thing for me, at least, to be able to look back and see where I made good (and bad!) choices throughout my day/week.

    Congrats on making it through Lent without shopping!!

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