hair and makeup update

Tomorrow I begin my makeup classes with Jena Perry at my salon! This is very exciting, and I can’t wait. This first class is a freelance class, full of information really, and a little hands on time at the end to work on a model. I will tell you more after the class, as I really haven’t got much to talk about right now.

I am sort of missing styling hair for photo shoots. I got really burned out on shoots when all I was doing was pinup; it gets very redundant when you are doing victory rolls, finger waves and puffy Betty bangs every shoot.   I had a few shoots that stepped outside of the pinup image, but it was the exception. I have been very inspired by the Anthropologie catalog and also the amazing photographic skills of Shanni and Ashley, they always have the most interesting shoots, and Ashley in particular has an aesthetic that has me itching to style effortless waves, use adorable headbands, and create looks that are soft and feminine to the max. Like THESE:

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