because I am the coolest nanny on the planet*

*claim not verified by the FDA, EPA, or any other association, but clearly stated as fact.

This morning I had the privilege of seeing both of the kids I nanny for. This is unusual because if I do happen to pick a kid up for school, it would be Kobe, and he starts school later than Bryn, so I don’t see her until the afternoon. Bryn is on spring break this week, and Kobe had his last week (I know, SO confusing, right?) so I still needed to get Kobe to school and Bryn to her grandparents house.

On our short drive, I said “YAY IT’S WEDNESDAY, WE ARE HALF WAY THROUGH THE WEEK!!!” in a voice as excited as I could muster at 8:20am, (which for me is VERY excited, because that’s how I roll) to which there were mutterings and questions about “why is Wednesday so great” and such. I wanted to quickly turn the mood around and made a play for the positive in a way I had not tried before. I asked both kids what they were most looking forward to today.This is a very simple question, it helps to get them to focus on the positives rather than the negative, and is actually quite difficult to answer unless there is something SUPER COOL going on that day that you know of.

I started off by saying I am most looking forward to being done with my 2 1/2 mile run, not the run itself, but being finished with it. The kids laughed, and we had a good conversation about how fast we can run the mile and what the differences are between running on a treadmill vs. real life. Bryn  was looking forward to another day off of school. Kobe said he was looking forward to whatever activity his teacher had planned for the class that revolved around their portraits. Now, Kobe’s school has a fun project for their 5th graders, which is to paint their self portraits, and they need a photo to work off of. Kobe had his picture taken yesterday, and is very much looking forward to whatever they do with it today, as it is a long process.

I liked his simple answer that showed a great interest in an unknown task. He just knew it would be fun, without knowing what exactly he would do. I want this sort of enthusiasm for my own life; to be excited for whatever the day has to offer. This is a struggle for me, as I am an obsessive planner, organizer, and ruler of all parts of my day, and I do not like unknowns. I want to plan days, months, even years, in advance just so I know what’s coming. Naturally, I hate surprises that I know about- you know, the “I have a surprise for you! what is it? I can’t tell you, it’s a surprise” sort of surprises, I hate change, even small changes, but especially last-minute changes, and I do better when I have a list of objects or tasks to check off.  If I had a child’s enthusiasm for the unknown, I would be a whole lot less frustrated when I encountered unwanted change, surprises, or working off the cuff rather than a list.

Sometimes I get inspiration and deep thoughts from the kids, and that is always a nice surprise.

Because when your nanny is a hairstylist, of course you get faux hawks!


3 thoughts on “because I am the coolest nanny on the planet*

  1. You ARE the greatest nanny ever. Can you come take care of ME for a while? =) I’m a little low on enthusiasm these days meself.

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