When you’re down, get up!

So, I have been a little down on myself lately, and I wanted to turn that negative thinking around and focus on some positives. So here is a list of things I like about myself, and things that make me happy.

I love my small ankles and wrists. It does not matter that they are attached to large hands and feet, because they are delicate and small. I can wear ankle strap shoes, or cropped pants because I don’t have cankles (calves that extend to the feet, making it look like there is no ankle).

I love my smile. I have a large mouth with big old full lips. Some women who have full lips don’t like to wear much lip color, but I embrace it! Bright red, mauves, sparkley rose-y pinks are all fantastic to me. I have a rather “gummy” smile, meaning a lot of my gum line shows when I smile, which sometimes bothers me. I love that I smile often.

I love that I have many talents and abilities which I have been blessed with. I love that my passion for doing hair has allowed me to find a career that makes me happy. I love that my patience and my desire to take care of people has transformed into my nanny job where each weekday I get to spend time with cool kids and perhaps make a difference in their lives.

I love that I have stuck to a new eating and exercise plan and it is really starting to show! Changing the foods I eat from mainly processed carbohydrates and sugars to the natural variety in fruits and vegetables, as well as bumping up my protein intake has made me so much more energetic, made me feel better, and is paying off big time in the 6 pounds I have lost already.

I love that I can finally run 3 miles straight. When I first started running 3 months ago, I had a hard time running more than 5 minutes, then a mile, and so on. Years ago when I was a “runner” I ran a mile at a time, and mainly did sprint and speed work as a short distance runner in track and on the soccer field. I never imagined that I could be running 5k distances 3 days a week consistently. It makes me feel good to have accomplished something like this. It’s no half marathon, but I have no desire to run 13 miles!

I love that I have meaningful relationships in my life. Billy is an amazing husband, and a great best friend who I have lots of fun with. I also am super blessed to have awesome best girlfriends- Sarah, Diane and Tiffany are caring, encouraging, supportive and fun. Even more so, I have super great close friends who are always willing to hang out, chat it up, and have fun with me. Having one friend is great, but having as many as I do is spectacular. I also love making new friends, which I get to do regularly through my job and experiences.

finding my personal style

Today, because it was raining and yucky out, I threw on a hoodie, jeans and my worn in Vans canvas sneakers and went on my way. I realized later that this exact combo was my go to in high school. It has been 7 years since I graduated from high school. Since, I have gone through college, made it through my grueling assistant program and am a hair stylist renting a station at a beautiful salon, but I haven’t changed too much fashion wise.

For years I have watched Stacy and Clinton throw out wardrobes similar to my own and revamp people on What Not to Wear. I have read countless fashion magazines, followed every Hollywood starlet’s fashion sense in gossip magazines and envied all of the beautiful and trendy clothes in the malls. So why haven’t I completely left behind the high school casual attire of my youth? I think because it’s comfortable, familiar and easy, I have had a hard time letting every hoodie, sneaker, jeans and t-shirt combination go. Granted, this is not a bad thing for certain scenarios, but not every day life. I do dress up a bit when I head off to work, but that is usually pairing my ever-present jeans with a nicer top or sweater, and sometimes it means I go to an extreme and mix in office wear like slacks and button downs. I don’t seem to have my own personal style; it’s either super casual, or inexpertly mixed with business casual.

Every time I try to revamp my wardrobe, I am limited by my budget; I can only afford to add a few things at a time, which doesn’t a whole wardrobe make! I am trying to get myself out of that comfort zone where jeans and a t-shirt or hoodie are my go to items, so help me with this folks!

This is a challenge for anyone who reads this. I want affordable trends, outfits, and places to shop sent to me. Be my personal shoppers, help me out of this rut! I promise to have an open mind, to at least try on the suggestions, perhaps even document the experience with photos and a blog to share it with you, but don’t send me stuff that is just crazy, I am not a circus freak to laugh at, people! You can either leave me comments on this here blog (I LOVE getting your comments!) or e-mail me hairbyadrian@gmail.com

Let’s see where this goes!

6 years

Happy 6 year anniversary (dating) to my wonderful hubby Billy!

Thank you darling for everything that you do and are for me. You light up my life. You make my heart sing. You love me tender and true. You know me better than I know myself, as seen everyday when I ask your opinion on all things from my daily outfit, to what I want to eat when I am in a snacky mood. Thank you for being the executive decision maker when I am frozen in indecision. Thanks for vetoing all of those wacky outfits I seem to think will work while I am in the dressing room, you keep me looking modestly trendy and far from like a crazy bag lady. Thanks for always letting me rub my face against your big old beard because it feels nice and takes care of nose itches.

Thank you for looking at me with those eyes that burn with love, with a smile that tells me just how happy you are to see me, with a waiting hug every time I come home. Thank you for being a big old cuddle bug, just like me. Thank you for not minding that I hate cuddling when it’s sticky hot out and the thought of my skin touching anything makes me panic. Thank you for giving me space when I need to think, and for allowing me access into your brain when I need to know exactly what you are thinking, RIGHT NOW! Thank you for letting me watch my girlie movies the majority of the time, and for secretly liking putting up with them. Thank you for understanding when I want nothing more than to sit on the couch, laptop on, and space out with a DVRd TV show instead of being social. Thank you for understanding, putting up with, and allowing my impulsiveness, my hyper active tendencies, my intense desire to follow through on a thought as fast as  I can manage it, and my crazy ideas that I think are PERFECT.

Thank you for putting up with my need to set an alarm clock EVERY day of my life, even on vacation or when I don’t need to get up.

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I thank God for His wonderful insight and knowledge of exactly what I needed the most when He put us together. You have smashed my idea of the perfect man in spades. You are amazing!

an ugly part of me

Ok guys, I am going to get real with you for a second. I’m calling myself out on the carpet, so that I may change a part of me that I think is just ugly, and as much as I tell myself otherwise, is very real.

Yesterday, I met a person and immediately dismissed them because of the way they looked and acted. This person reminded me of Quasimodo and Peanut (the purple ape thing that Jeff Dunham uses in his ventriloquist act) and an elf, see below for full effect:

+ +

He wasn’t disfigured, but he was on the shorter side, had HORRIBLE teeth, pointy ears and weird orange hair. I judged him based on his appearance and the hint of his personality that I was blasted with. Something about him just rubbed me the wrong way, and I didn’t like him. I didn’t even give him a chance, just immediately didn’t like him and wanted nothing to do with him. He could have been one of the coolest, most down to earth, friendly, and caring people on the planet, but I wasn’t willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, just formed my opinion and went on my way. I wanted to leave his presence from the moment I met him, and was less than friendly, but not cold.

This is typical. We are make snap judgments, we form opinions without much to base them on, and we don’t like people because they are different from us. I don’t want to do this as often as I do, I don’t want to be typical. I would much rather allow a person to enter my bubble and really see who they are, get to know them, and then make informed judgments. Not everyone you meet is going to make it into your circle of friends, or even make it into your daily life, but I don’t want to dismiss people based on a snippet of a meeting. I am going to be more mindful of this in my daily life, and try to give people a chance more often than not. I don’t want to be so ugly in my judgments.

My affinity for radio DJs

I have this thing. This thing is sort of a fascination. A fascination for radio disc jockeys, and it sometimes makes me think I was born to be a groupie, a DJ myself, or just stems from my inherent love of music. You see, I create friendships with DJs, and sometimes I even end up working for them.

I am a loyal radio listener. I don’t care if it’s “mainstream” music, it’s still music and I enjoy it. I listen to the radio a lot, so I become familiar with the DJs on each station, and come to “know” and love them. Years and years ago (hmm, maybe 5th grade, so 15 years ago)  I started listening to the local 80’s 90’s and today station, Mix 106.5, and woke up and got ready to the morning show with Bill and Marla. Skip forward 10 years and I meet Marla at a Gymboree where I am playing with a kid I nannied for at the time. A year later, she calls me out of the blue, and asks me to be her nanny. Oh, I am in heaven, this is a local celebrity, someone I have grown up with! She, her husband and her son Sean are awesome, and always treated me like family. This experience opened up a new world to me in which it is now possible to “know” these DJs in real life instead of just over the air!

Now I seem to think that all DJs are my best friends. Case in point, my twitter friendship with an Air 1 DJ, Ashton. I got a twitter account in December (for social marketing, duh!) and soon heard he was a huge tweeter, and started following him. Skip to a few replies to his tweets later, and we have regular conversations through 140 character tweets on a daily basis. I even asked him to come run my 5k with me, since he was also training for endurance races. I still haven’t received a real reply to that haha. Mainly we respond to something the other has tweeted, or come up with random things to talk about, and it keeps me entertained and gives me something to do with my down time. But I feel like I KNOW him, know him. Like he’s my real life buddy even! I don’t have too many crazy tendencies, but thought I might be bordering on one, so I asked if I was a crazy listener who bugs him too much, to which I was told I am not crazy, but sane, and there are many worse offenders who stalk chat him up.

My newest addition to the DJ friendship is Mega Tanner from Channel 92.3, the local alternative station. He is on at the same time as Ashton, 3-8pm, so I jump back and forth between the two stations depending on commercial breaks, reception issues and unloved songs. Through twitter I found out the station was going to be holding a listeners panel to get some feedback on the station, like branding, music played etc, and I wanted to participate. I didn’t know what I had signed up for, because the webmaster and channel 92.3 tweeter gave me zero information, just an address and asked for my info….like AOL chat room a/s/l status 😉 Like the naive and curious girl I am, I still showed up, without knowing what time I should be there, or what it was for. Tanner filled me in through tweets a little more, and then told me my session time had been canceled (bummer, there was an earlier session that still got to participate and got a station tour and pizza!) but I was welcome to come in and tour the studio etc. I had to ask twice to make sure he was serious about letting an unknown listener invade his space while he was on air.

An hour and a half later, and we have bonded over race training, shin splints and new shoes, having cats instead of kids, having jobs we are passionate about, eating salads instead of fast food, and MUSIC! I was hugely obsessed with music in high school and college, like indie, emo and unknown band encyclopedia obsessed, so it was nice to sort of get back into that part of me that has faded as I got older. I used to love going to concerts- local bands or well-known, churches or concert halls- but developed an aversion to big crowds and invasion of my personal space, so it’s been years since I saw live music, or was thoroughly obsessed. Tanner had me delving back into those memories of shows and concerts long past to come up with fun memories and relative information. He also did some live music breaks, and told me a lot about what exactly he does in the studio all day.

Tanner was super nice, not as crazy as his tweets make him out to be (um, you follow him and see for yourself!) and kept me entertained for over an hour without feeling super awkward for having invaded someone’s workplace. Also, for the record Tanner, my favorite Channel 92.3 band is Phoenix, I didn’t get to answer the listener question when the 1st listener panel came through the studio. Oh and I felt like such a high roller to have been sitting at the control panel desk thingy when they all came through, and then got to stay when they left, like “hi, who is this random girl who just sits there when we all have to go?” Thanks for making my day!

Sometimes it’s the little things that make my life rock!

I’m in love….with this wedding!

I love everything about this wedding. The bride and groom are stunning, the vintage details are charming, the photography is freaking amazing, and the bride’s hair is gorgeous! I had no part in this wedding, but I love it so much I had to share. You can check out the rest of Ashley’s photography work at her blog and website.

I am positively gushing with love for this wedding, it is breaking my heart with its beauty. Go check it out for yourself and let me know how you feel about it! Everyone has different styles and I want to hear how this makes you feel, good and bad!


Some things that inspire me are:

  • Bikini bodies. This is actually my current screen saver, and it serves as a reminder that hard work pays off. As Josh says “Eat like a rockstar, look like a rockstar”.

  • Bodyrock.tv by Zuzanna Light.  Zuzanna is this crazy fit super trainer chick who posts workout videos daily. I have yet to actually do one of the workouts, but I enjoy reading the accompanying blog and seeing the pictures of the different moves.

  • Fitness blogs by Josh Hillis. He is a master trainer and kettle bell instructor who writes amazing diet and fitness blogs that cut out the BS and give you the skinny (hehe) on what works and what doesn’t, and why. I found him last week, and am already addicted. This is a blog about workout partners, wanna be my workout buddy?
  • Tiffany, my amazing friend, fellow hairstylist, trainer, nutritionist and MMA enthusiast. She has a rockin body, works super hard at everything, balances life, work, and education, and is a completely genuine and sweet person.

  • Whimsical and pretty pictures. What, this isn’t entirely about diet and exercise, other things inspire me too! I wish my life looked like an Anthropologie catalog. Um, yes I realize that 6 photos follow, but I LOVE them all!

  • lolcats. They make me laugh, and that’s a good thing! There is something special about cats that allows you to use bad spelling and grammar to imagine what they would say that is entirely too funny and irresistible.

  • Avant garde hairstyles. I like those editorial shoots where the hair is completely wacky and not anything a real person could wear out. They inspire me to dig deep to come up with photo shoot ideas that are fun. I’m much better at copying someone else’s work, than creating my own, so this is a way for me to reach outside MY box without working too hard 😉

it’s not an easy road

Dear today, why do you have to be so hard? What with the carb temptations, the fast food smells wafting through the air, the incessant desire to eat? Please stop. Love, Adrian.

Today is a very difficult diet day. First of all, I sabotaged myself by making strawberry shortcake last night, and making more than the two servings Billy and I ate, so there were leftovers. I have been thinking of that yummy Bisquick biscuit +sugar recipe “shortcake” and sweet strawberries ALL FREAKING DAY!! Instead of a breakfast of strawberry shortcake, like the old me would have enjoyed, I made a sensible breakfast of 2 scrambled egg whites, an Orowheat whole wheat sandwich thin, half a Laughing Cow light original cheese wedge, and 2 ounces of thin sliced turkey breast. I should stop my carb intake at this point, because today is a “rest day” for me, and I haven’t planned on any workouts, so adding more carbs is sort of not allowed. However, life doesn’t realize, or care, for that matter, about my rest days and how many carbs I can eat, and I just so happened to have made plans to take my Grandma, or Gma, to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch. You would think Sweet Tomatoes would be the perfect diet friendly place to eat, and it can be, but did you know that Sweet Tomatoes makes the world’s best blueberry muffins? best. in. the. world. Probably my favorite thing to eat there, and one innocent looking, tasty little muffin is 140 calories, which will add up if you have more than one or eat it with your meal. Or covered in honey whipped butter. Mmmmm. I wasn’t tempted by the mac and cheese, the foccacia bread, the pizza or the soft serve, but those blueberry muffins had me salivating, wondering if I could grab one to go on my way out. I loaded my plate with a spinach salad, grabbed a cup of minestrone soup, and had myself one yummy little blueberry muffin, so I was “good”, but boy was it hard not to gobble up the whole tray.

Because my lunch lacked protein in a big way, I was “starving” by the time I picked up Kobe from school. Now, when I say starving, I just mean I had a major hankering to eat, and not my ever present protein bar. I snacked on grape tomatoes and cucumber in the car, and had a Knudsen light cottage cheese on the go cup when I got Kobe home, but nothing is satisfying me today, and I am back to imagining the gloriousness of the strawberry shortcake. This should tell you a little bit about my inner workings, and the thoughts that nag me daily. I haven’t craved much since I cut out carbs and sugar, but boy do I still want to eat them, which is a learned response I have embraced most of my life, and am trying to change now.

I thought I would share my struggles with you, so anyone who is also dieting and trying to live healthier can have some camaraderie when you are also dealing with temptations and struggles. It’s not easy to change your life, and it’s nice to know others’ aren’t perfect or having an easy time making the transition (Tiffany, you are SO the exception to this rule!) I think I will go make myself a chocolate peanut butter and banana protein shake so I can make it to a late dinner when Billy gets home. And then do squats and lunges till I collapse. Here is the recipe!

Chocolate, Peanut butter and Banana protein shake

  • 1 scoop chocolate flavored whey protein powder, I use trader Joe’s brand
  • 1 medium banana
  • 1 cup light chocolate soy milk, I use Silk brand
  • 1 tbsp light peanut butter, I used reduced fat Jiff
  • 6 ice cubes

Place all ingredients in a blender, blend till smooth, light and frothy. Enjoy! This shake is about 250 calories of yummy flavor, protein that helps build lean muscle, and potassium which satisfies a sweet tooth.

Alanna is married!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of styling hair for Alanna’s wedding at the Dolce Hayes Mansion, which is a beautiful hotel in South San Jose. Alanna is a super sweet woman who was referred to me by my friend/trainer/rockstar/inspiration Tiffany. Alanna, her maid of honor, and her flower girl Kaylee all wanted down curly waves, with a little bit pinned up. I couldn’t believe how calm and relaxed Alanna was! She was mellow and happy, not worried about anything, and just went with the flow of the day. It was a nice way for me to spend my day, not being rushed and dealing with a freaked out wedding party. Here are some snapshots I took after the girls were all done up. I hope I will get some professional photos later on, which is my hope for all of the weddings I do, so if you are a bride of mine, send me pictures! First is the lovely Bride Alanna, then maid of honor, and finally the flower girl Kaylee.

a makeup class and a “first date”

I have mentioned one of my brides, Jen, whom I have a “galmance” with here and how excited I was to have her be a makeup model for me. It was also the first time we would be meeting, and we would not only get her face all dolled up, but also throw in her bridal hair trial as well. From our e-mail conversations we had gotten to know each other a little bit, or at least got a feel for personalities, and I was not disappointed when I met Jen. She was lively, vivacious, gorgeous and freaking funny! I had the best time working on her, and am thrilled to be able to offer her my services for both hair AND makeup for her wedding. She is such a doll to allow me to try my wedding makeup hand on her, as my first official makeup application, which I am grateful for.

Now, I had Jen come in about 15 minutes early for her “appointment time” for the makeup class as requested by Jena, but as usual, we were running a little late. When we finished up our theory portion of class, I was doing the potty dance, and was starving, so I knew I had to bust to the restroom and then scarf down a lunch so I wouldn’t be a shaking wet mess when working on Jen. Now that’s a pretty picture you didn’t want to think about, isn’t it? lol As I hurry out of the makeup room and to the front of the salon, I see Jen, who rises up to meet me, and we quickly hug (I have to PEE!) and I step on her toes, literally! What a great first impression, right? I am already a quick speaker, but because I really needed to use the loo, I was speaking a mile a minute, probably looking and sounding like a maniac, but Jen was so sweet, and allowed me to say “HIJennnicetomeetyou!Sorryaboutyourtoes!Ihavetogotothebathroomberightback!”, or a very similar run on sentence. I took care of that issue, and came back in a much less rushed, crazy person and made a much better introduction, and let her know I needed about 10 minutes for a lunch break. She cracked me up by saying that it felt like a first date after e-mailing, so true, especially my awkwardness and stepping on her toes!

Though Jen is a natural beauty and uses very little makeup on a daily basis, she allowed me to do what I wanted with her, embracing wedding makeup and knowing that in order to be photo ready, she would need to have more than she was used to wearing. We chose pretty bronzes, and played up the eye and left a natural lip. So, Jen has amazing skin, and rarely covers it up, so we chose a medium coverage foundation to just make her flawless. Due to recent sun exposure, namely playing basketball with her fiancé the day before, she was quite tan, so we had to custom blend a color for her, and I used my foundation brush to mix the colors, and when I applied it to her skin, I  realized I had deposited WAY too much! Um, hi Adrian, wipe down the brush after mixing so it doesn’t end up on her pretty face, right? We had a good laugh about that, and made a note NOT to repeat on her wedding day.

After makeup application, we had her trial, and played around with a few styles to get a look she was after. We discussed styles via e-mail later, and have since decided to go in a different direction, but it was fun to give her an upstyle! here are some GORGEOUS photos of the lovely, wonderful, and sweet Jen 🙂