musings on the commute home

Today was an especially bad commute home from Palo Alto. Not so much in the time sense, it still only took about 50 minutes, but in the general lack of sense from other drivers and the innate ability to cause me severe anger. There were three accidents. So there were at least three points in my drive home where everyone lost the ability to drive, and had no idea how to react to seeing cars pulled over on the side of the road other than to sloooooow way down and gawk. This slowing down causes a crazy reaction that by the time I hit, causes everyone to SLAM on their breaks and come to a complete stop, then crawl forward for a mile before passing the particular incident, at which point everyone gets their fill of what caused the slow down, and then speed up and go about their merry way. You would think that people would maintain speed, and cruise right past the incident and allow traffic to resume its normal pace. I wish it were that simple. It is so frustrating to take 10 minutes to go a single mile, and then immediately speed back up when you realize it was all caused by 2 cars pulled over, their drivers exchanging information. NOTHING TO SEE HERE FOLKS, KEEP MOVING.

Also, this is a PSA for anyone who happens to share the road with me. Just because you want to get in to my lane, does not mean I will allow you to. Please do not think you are entitled to my space in that lane, I worked hard to get there and I will work to maintain my space. If you are smart, turn on your turn signal, wait till there is enough space in front of me, and make your move. Mostly, though, you are dumb, and  try to move in to my lane while I am still occupying the space. That has  to be a law of physics that I can’t name because I never took physics; two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Oh, and I definitely won’t let you in without a signal light. Forget about it buddy, this lane is mine. I will ignore you and pretend you do not exist because you are too dumb to follow a simple driving rule. I do believe in car karma though, and try to let a certain amount of cars in when necessary, and try not to be a pain in the bum for the most part, but there are just things I cannot stand, like the no signal guys.

Just saying…


One thought on “musings on the commute home

  1. LOL omg I LOVE this post. I am actually just going to print it up and tape it to my car so everyone can knows exactly how I feel about their lack of driving skills. Thank you for summing this up perfectly!

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