a makeup class and a “first date”

I have mentioned one of my brides, Jen, whom I have a “galmance” with here and how excited I was to have her be a makeup model for me. It was also the first time we would be meeting, and we would not only get her face all dolled up, but also throw in her bridal hair trial as well. From our e-mail conversations we had gotten to know each other a little bit, or at least got a feel for personalities, and I was not disappointed when I met Jen. She was lively, vivacious, gorgeous and freaking funny! I had the best time working on her, and am thrilled to be able to offer her my services for both hair AND makeup for her wedding. She is such a doll to allow me to try my wedding makeup hand on her, as my first official makeup application, which I am grateful for.

Now, I had Jen come in about 15 minutes early for her “appointment time” for the makeup class as requested by Jena, but as usual, we were running a little late. When we finished up our theory portion of class, I was doing the potty dance, and was starving, so I knew I had to bust to the restroom and then scarf down a lunch so I wouldn’t be a shaking wet mess when working on Jen. Now that’s a pretty picture you didn’t want to think about, isn’t it? lol As I hurry out of the makeup room and to the front of the salon, I see Jen, who rises up to meet me, and we quickly hug (I have to PEE!) and I step on her toes, literally! What a great first impression, right? I am already a quick speaker, but because I really needed to use the loo, I was speaking a mile a minute, probably looking and sounding like a maniac, but Jen was so sweet, and allowed me to say “HIJennnicetomeetyou!Sorryaboutyourtoes!Ihavetogotothebathroomberightback!”, or a very similar run on sentence. I took care of that issue, and came back in a much less rushed, crazy person and made a much better introduction, and let her know I needed about 10 minutes for a lunch break. She cracked me up by saying that it felt like a first date after e-mailing, so true, especially my awkwardness and stepping on her toes!

Though Jen is a natural beauty and uses very little makeup on a daily basis, she allowed me to do what I wanted with her, embracing wedding makeup and knowing that in order to be photo ready, she would need to have more than she was used to wearing. We chose pretty bronzes, and played up the eye and left a natural lip. So, Jen has amazing skin, and rarely covers it up, so we chose a medium coverage foundation to just make her flawless. Due to recent sun exposure, namely playing basketball with her fiancé the day before, she was quite tan, so we had to custom blend a color for her, and I used my foundation brush to mix the colors, and when I applied it to her skin, I  realized I had deposited WAY too much! Um, hi Adrian, wipe down the brush after mixing so it doesn’t end up on her pretty face, right? We had a good laugh about that, and made a note NOT to repeat on her wedding day.

After makeup application, we had her trial, and played around with a few styles to get a look she was after. We discussed styles via e-mail later, and have since decided to go in a different direction, but it was fun to give her an upstyle! here are some GORGEOUS photos of the lovely, wonderful, and sweet Jen 🙂

2 thoughts on “a makeup class and a “first date”

  1. How do I meet this jen? : ) I should start a blog. I could talk about how lovely you are (I have another big toe, I wouldnt miss the one you stepped on too much) and how fabulous you did of my make up and hair. I would still have the fake lashes on if it was do-able. Thanks again Adrian!!

  2. Oh, and who else puts a white shower curtain look-a-like on her brides to get the “full effect”? You! You kidnapped a flower from the salon to put in my hair and snatched the only white thing up to be my “dress”. Haha, you’re the best!

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