My affinity for radio DJs

I have this thing. This thing is sort of a fascination. A fascination for radio disc jockeys, and it sometimes makes me think I was born to be a groupie, a DJ myself, or just stems from my inherent love of music. You see, I create friendships with DJs, and sometimes I even end up working for them.

I am a loyal radio listener. I don’t care if it’s “mainstream” music, it’s still music and I enjoy it. I listen to the radio a lot, so I become familiar with the DJs on each station, and come to “know” and love them. Years and years ago (hmm, maybe 5th grade, so 15 years ago)  I started listening to the local 80’s 90’s and today station, Mix 106.5, and woke up and got ready to the morning show with Bill and Marla. Skip forward 10 years and I meet Marla at a Gymboree where I am playing with a kid I nannied for at the time. A year later, she calls me out of the blue, and asks me to be her nanny. Oh, I am in heaven, this is a local celebrity, someone I have grown up with! She, her husband and her son Sean are awesome, and always treated me like family. This experience opened up a new world to me in which it is now possible to “know” these DJs in real life instead of just over the air!

Now I seem to think that all DJs are my best friends. Case in point, my twitter friendship with an Air 1 DJ, Ashton. I got a twitter account in December (for social marketing, duh!) and soon heard he was a huge tweeter, and started following him. Skip to a few replies to his tweets later, and we have regular conversations through 140 character tweets on a daily basis. I even asked him to come run my 5k with me, since he was also training for endurance races. I still haven’t received a real reply to that haha. Mainly we respond to something the other has tweeted, or come up with random things to talk about, and it keeps me entertained and gives me something to do with my down time. But I feel like I KNOW him, know him. Like he’s my real life buddy even! I don’t have too many crazy tendencies, but thought I might be bordering on one, so I asked if I was a crazy listener who bugs him too much, to which I was told I am not crazy, but sane, and there are many worse offenders who stalk chat him up.

My newest addition to the DJ friendship is Mega Tanner from Channel 92.3, the local alternative station. He is on at the same time as Ashton, 3-8pm, so I jump back and forth between the two stations depending on commercial breaks, reception issues and unloved songs. Through twitter I found out the station was going to be holding a listeners panel to get some feedback on the station, like branding, music played etc, and I wanted to participate. I didn’t know what I had signed up for, because the webmaster and channel 92.3 tweeter gave me zero information, just an address and asked for my info….like AOL chat room a/s/l status 😉 Like the naive and curious girl I am, I still showed up, without knowing what time I should be there, or what it was for. Tanner filled me in through tweets a little more, and then told me my session time had been canceled (bummer, there was an earlier session that still got to participate and got a station tour and pizza!) but I was welcome to come in and tour the studio etc. I had to ask twice to make sure he was serious about letting an unknown listener invade his space while he was on air.

An hour and a half later, and we have bonded over race training, shin splints and new shoes, having cats instead of kids, having jobs we are passionate about, eating salads instead of fast food, and MUSIC! I was hugely obsessed with music in high school and college, like indie, emo and unknown band encyclopedia obsessed, so it was nice to sort of get back into that part of me that has faded as I got older. I used to love going to concerts- local bands or well-known, churches or concert halls- but developed an aversion to big crowds and invasion of my personal space, so it’s been years since I saw live music, or was thoroughly obsessed. Tanner had me delving back into those memories of shows and concerts long past to come up with fun memories and relative information. He also did some live music breaks, and told me a lot about what exactly he does in the studio all day.

Tanner was super nice, not as crazy as his tweets make him out to be (um, you follow him and see for yourself!) and kept me entertained for over an hour without feeling super awkward for having invaded someone’s workplace. Also, for the record Tanner, my favorite Channel 92.3 band is Phoenix, I didn’t get to answer the listener question when the 1st listener panel came through the studio. Oh and I felt like such a high roller to have been sitting at the control panel desk thingy when they all came through, and then got to stay when they left, like “hi, who is this random girl who just sits there when we all have to go?” Thanks for making my day!

Sometimes it’s the little things that make my life rock!

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