6 years

Happy 6 year anniversary (dating) to my wonderful hubby Billy!

Thank you darling for everything that you do and are for me. You light up my life. You make my heart sing. You love me tender and true. You know me better than I know myself, as seen everyday when I ask your opinion on all things from my daily outfit, to what I want to eat when I am in a snacky mood. Thank you for being the executive decision maker when I am frozen in indecision. Thanks for vetoing all of those wacky outfits I seem to think will work while I am in the dressing room, you keep me looking modestly trendy and far from like a crazy bag lady. Thanks for always letting me rub my face against your big old beard because it feels nice and takes care of nose itches.

Thank you for looking at me with those eyes that burn with love, with a smile that tells me just how happy you are to see me, with a waiting hug every time I come home. Thank you for being a big old cuddle bug, just like me. Thank you for not minding that I hate cuddling when it’s sticky hot out and the thought of my skin touching anything makes me panic. Thank you for giving me space when I need to think, and for allowing me access into your brain when I need to know exactly what you are thinking, RIGHT NOW! Thank you for letting me watch my girlie movies the majority of the time, and for secretly liking putting up with them. Thank you for understanding when I want nothing more than to sit on the couch, laptop on, and space out with a DVRd TV show instead of being social. Thank you for understanding, putting up with, and allowing my impulsiveness, my hyper active tendencies, my intense desire to follow through on a thought as fast as  I can manage it, and my crazy ideas that I think are PERFECT.

Thank you for putting up with my need to set an alarm clock EVERY day of my life, even on vacation or when I don’t need to get up.

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I thank God for His wonderful insight and knowledge of exactly what I needed the most when He put us together. You have smashed my idea of the perfect man in spades. You are amazing!

2 thoughts on “6 years

  1. ahhh shucks babe, you just got me all teary eyed…at work…with my contacts on…i just wanna give you a big fat hug. Thanks for loving me honey, and for putting up with my odd habits, behaviors, random songs, and my addictions to both horsepower and video games. You’re perfect for me, the perfect wife, and the best friend a person could have. We lucked out with each other. We won. Victory is ours!

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