finding my personal style

Today, because it was raining and yucky out, I threw on a hoodie, jeans and my worn in Vans canvas sneakers and went on my way. I realized later that this exact combo was my go to in high school. It has been 7 years since I graduated from high school. Since, I have gone through college, made it through my grueling assistant program and am a hair stylist renting a station at a beautiful salon, but I haven’t changed too much fashion wise.

For years I have watched Stacy and Clinton throw out wardrobes similar to my own and revamp people on What Not to Wear. I have read countless fashion magazines, followed every Hollywood starlet’s fashion sense in gossip magazines and envied all of the beautiful and trendy clothes in the malls. So why haven’t I completely left behind the high school casual attire of my youth? I think because it’s comfortable, familiar and easy, I have had a hard time letting every hoodie, sneaker, jeans and t-shirt combination go. Granted, this is not a bad thing for certain scenarios, but not every day life. I do dress up a bit when I head off to work, but that is usually pairing my ever-present jeans with a nicer top or sweater, and sometimes it means I go to an extreme and mix in office wear like slacks and button downs. I don’t seem to have my own personal style; it’s either super casual, or inexpertly mixed with business casual.

Every time I try to revamp my wardrobe, I am limited by my budget; I can only afford to add a few things at a time, which doesn’t a whole wardrobe make! I am trying to get myself out of that comfort zone where jeans and a t-shirt or hoodie are my go to items, so help me with this folks!

This is a challenge for anyone who reads this. I want affordable trends, outfits, and places to shop sent to me. Be my personal shoppers, help me out of this rut! I promise to have an open mind, to at least try on the suggestions, perhaps even document the experience with photos and a blog to share it with you, but don’t send me stuff that is just crazy, I am not a circus freak to laugh at, people! You can either leave me comments on this here blog (I LOVE getting your comments!) or e-mail me

Let’s see where this goes!

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