Live 105’s BFD 2010

Whew, today is complete! I am sunburned and burned out after a long day of concert fun in the hot California sun! Fraggle and I had a blast, as predicted. I felt a little bad for Fraggle, because he had pulled BOTH of his hamstrings this morning during his adult soccer game (he feels really old to have injured himself playing a kiddie game, I’m sure). He was a trooper, and made it through the day, hobbling around and having a hard time keeping up with my shorter but healthy legs. Here are some pictures of the day off of… *drum roll please!* my brand new Olympus Pen E-PL1, a beautiful camera that is a perfect step up from my point-and-shoot Canon without heading into D-SLR territory, which is scary. I  really enjoyed using this camera today, and I think the pictures came out pretty nice for my novice photo taking skills. Enjoy!

We arrived at Shoreline Amphitheater during the Temper Trap’s set. TTT is a wonderful band from Australia that have a beautiful song called “Sweet Disposition” that never gets old even with all of the radio exposure. I only got far away pictures because we were in the very back of the crowd haha. They did a great job, and I definitely had fun watching their set.

We stuck around at the Festival Stage to see Flyleaf, an awesome Christian band that has gotten a lot of mainstream air play due to their edgier sound. Lacey, the lead singer, does her own growling, which I think is super cool! She also rocked a mint green prom dress sort of deal, and head-banged with the bassist, who reminded me of a Rob Zombie throwback with his creepy makeup, bushy beard and long stringy hair. One of their guitarists, Sameer, is this skinny little Indian dude who had infinite amounts of energy and was using the ENTIRE stage as his musical playground- jumping off speakers, spinning around, running back and forth across the stage.  They were really entertaining. I loved that towards the end of the set, Lacey said “No matter what you believe, God still loves YOU!” and launched into “So Sick” one of my favorite songs. Super glad I got to see this band, it made my day! Check out this picture with the bassist head banging/jumping off the stage, it rocks my socks! I wish I could upload the video I took of this band, it shows the frenetic movement of all of the band members, and was taken at the END of their set, so they must have been tired by this time! The sound quality is terrible from my stereo mic on my camera, but it recorded in 720p HD video so it looks pretty!

We didn’t spend much time watching Gaslight Anthem’s set, it just wasn’t very exciting after Flyleaf, but I was much closer to the stage at that point so I got a few good pics.

We met up with our friend Stephanie, who is dating OJ one of the guitarists from Northern Son, a local band out of San Jose. She was “working off her free ticket” by holding a sign that told when Nor.Son was playing. I took the sign off her hands for a bit and wore it haha. I also got a chance to play with the “grainy film” setting on the Pen, its nifty!

There were some very colorful people in attendance at BFD. There were ravers, wrestlers, dancers, and goat men, oh my!

Northern Son did a great job rocking the Soundcheck Local Band Stage! I have never seen them live, and I was happy they lived up to the hype. It turns out I went to high school with at least 2 members and knew OJ as well. Small world. There is a picture of OJ doing the “John Mayer face” which apparently he thinks is cool. I think it looks like he is having a hard time playing the guitar haha, checkout the 3rd photo down 😉

We staked out seats on the grass during Cage the Elephant’s set, and they sounded alright. We stayed through Silver Sun Pickups, which I have heard nothing but good things about them live, and I wasn’t disappointed! They were phenomenal, and even though it felt like we were a mile away up on the very top of the lawn area of the amphitheater, they still sounded great and made a fan out of me.

It was so packed, can you believe the sea of people?!

Also, one last shot were our footwear…I think my Vans win for better outdoor concert attire, but Fraggle was a gimp so he got away with flip-flops 🙂

One thought on “Live 105’s BFD 2010

  1. Looks like a great day for music.

    Tiffany really needed yesterday and today to prepare for her interview. She was like ‘Adrian is going to hate me…forever!’

    Really Tiffany?

    Great pics w/ the new camera by the way!

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