sleep is overrated when you have a friend named Fraggle

Hi blog-land! It’s way past my bedtime and I should be sleeping, but I got my hands on this here laptop and am now going to town (goes to town). If you can’t tell I am very tired, which means I get an extra dose of energy, strangely enough, and it translates funny depending on just how tired I am. Sometimes it’s running around, bouncing off the walls, talking a mile a minute, other times it’s say really random things just for the heck of it, get into strange conversations and I have even been known to make up my own funny jokes. or at least they were funny in my head. before I said them out loud. and now they really aren’t translating well. sorry about that.

Tomorrow (technically today, since it’s 1am, but my theory is that it’s not “tomorrow” until you have gone to bed “today”) is Live 105’s BFD (a local radio station’s annual music festival) and I got free tickets! I know, I know, I got free tickets AGAIN! I didn’t have to call in, enter an online giveaway, or play random trivia games for these, it was the ultimate slacker win on my part. I listened to the radio station, heard where the Live team would be out GIVING AWAY tickets, and showed up to wait in line and receive my FREE tickets. I know. So. Freaking. Easy. Why didn’t you get yours? There are a ton of bands playing at BFD, I think 35 on 4 stages or something crazy like that. I am most excited to see Silversun Pickups, Gaslight Anthem, Flyleaf and especially The Temper Trap. I have a friend in a local band called Northern Son, and they will be playing also, so it will be nice to see him rock out on stage with them.

I had originally asked my girl Tiffany to come with me, but due to a last-minute amazing interview opportunity that came her way, she is unable to attend. I then sent a late night text message to my MGMT concert buddy Micaela to see if SHE would want to go, but haven’t heard back so I assume it won’t work out. Then, Billy tells me that his best buddy Fraggle (that’s totally his nickname, given by family, that everyone calls him, but his REAL name is Dave) couldn’t get a ticket even though he had wanted to go, so I invited him and now I have a concert buddy, yay!! Fraggle was the best man at my wedding, is Billy’s partner in crime, and has always been an amazing friend to me, so this will be uber fun. Both of my Vegas trips last summer involved Fraggle, and we had a FANTASTIC time, so I expect the same for BFD. Here are some of my favorite Fraggle pictures I have captured over the years 🙂

He’s treated me to all 3 of the Sharks games I have attended, including game 5 of the 09 playoffs, (what what!!) because he is awesome like that.

he likes fun boy toys, and helps Billy work on cars. He also suggested we “steal” Billy’s project car and have it painted for his birthday, much to Billy’s delight!

He hosted a birthday party for him and Billy on Halloween, their birthdays are a day apart, and yes, Billy is dressed like a lion…isn’t he cute?! I was Sookie from Trueblood, and I made a lot of cupcakes haha…and industrial strength Jell-o shots that people STILL talk about and ask me for!

We had a BLAST on New Year’s Eve playing Rockband, drinking a graveyard (15 sake bombs and 5 beers in a fish bowl, and nope I didn’t drink it, I just watched because I was driving, but I was THERE so it counts!) and having sushi!

and had a fantastic time in Las Vegas, not once…

…but twice last summer!

Yes ladies, he IS single!!


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