Kobe graduated!

Friday, Kobe graduated from the 5th grade at Mulberry School in Los Gatos. He was so excited all week about graduation. I have never seen a kid this into graduation. He picked out a nice sport coat, tie, button down and khaki pants outfit, and couldn’t wait to wear it. He was also really concerned that some of his classmates wouldn’t be dressed up and would ruin the effect of his nice outfit, precious right?!

Each of the kids gave a speech about their time at Mulberry and how it has shaped them and made them ready to go to middle school. One of the girls, Kira, gave a speech reminiscent of a college graduate’s, and you can see she is going places with her life. Apparently, she is the equivalent of the class valedictorian, having breezed through the academics, and also excelled in class leadership. I sure hope Kobe keeps in touch with his classmates so we can see what becomes of them later on. Kobe’s speech was on how Mulberry has made him “strive to not go with the crowd”. He is adorable, and I am so blessed to be his (and Bryn’s) nanny. Check out these pictures of Kobe, his sister Bryn, mom Kia and dad Vince. Aren’t they a beautiful family?!

Kobe Sullivan, President of the United States of America, 2036…you watch for it!

Super gorgeous girls, I just love them both! They could be models (I  think Kia was).


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