Just wondering what my readers thought of this:

When you offer a heart-felt compliment to someone, do you deserve, expect or hope for a compliment in return?

I would think the polite thing to do would be to thank them and also think of something that you could compliment them on. I am usually gushing with nice things to say to someone, and try to always compliment them when something catches my eye, it’s just how I am hardwired. It’s a little disappointing to leave a conversation and realize it had been mainly one-sided, where you had said very lovely things to them, yet somehow walked away without any in return.


2 thoughts on “polite

  1. Maybe it’s to do with ego– or lack thereof. If you don’t spend all your time thinking you’re super-rad, when you DO get a compliment it comes as such a nice surprise you can’t help but return the favor. Some people just seem to accept compliments as their due.

    And for the record, you ARE super-rad. =)

  2. Hi Adrian,
    I love this post! I feel the exact same way sometimes and have noticed this about other people. It makes you wonder why you even make an effort, right? I usually smile at people even if I don’t know them and most times they will look right at me and not even ATTEMPT to respond. Oh, and the “It’s been lovely, but I have to scream now.” is hilarious. I actually gave my mom that exact one as a gift when I found it on a pin in a store. She loved it 😀 See you Thursday!

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