Summer vacation, Addy style

This week, I was blessed with a vacation while the kiddos visit their grandparents in Montana. So, instead of running away to a tropical locale, taking a hike, or leaving town, I spent the week relaxing at home watching old movies, hanging out with Billy <3, sitting in the sun, baking yummy new treats, rearranging furniture,  and having girly time.

Monday, I started the week off by retiring to my “office”- the chaise lounge section of my couch- with my laptop glued to my fingers and started working on a bunch of blogs for the upcoming weeks. I want to be posting more frequently, with blogs that have more to do with hair, makeup and fashion, something a little more relevant to my blog title. I’m starting a new weekly (hopefully) posting called Inspired by, where I will pick something that is inspiring me recently, or something I am in love with at the moment. I also want to post more recent work, so weddings I have snapped pictures at, any film or photo shoots I might have gotten to play on, that sort of thing. I hope you are as excited for what’s to come as I am! Of course I will still maintain posting my random thoughts, food, and fitness, I can’t get away from that!


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