Pretty people

I have always been blessed with gorgeous friends. I can’t help it, I attract pretty people into my life. I don’t discriminate, it’s just a proven fact that the people who come into my life and stay are usually very lovely, on the inside and out.

Part of my recent vacation was spent making my friends even more beautiful. As all of my readers know, I took a bunch of makeup classes and have been building my kit and skills. Part of that is to work on my timing, getting it down to about 45 minutes per person. Like most things in life, practice makes perfect, so I took a day to practice on a few willing friends. We focused on airbrushed foundation, and pretty eyes, and we had a blast!

Sharon is one of my running buddies, and a total rock star of inspiration for me. She has completed at least 2 triathlons that I know of, and has a half marathon and at least one more triathlon coming up this fall, with more next year. She runs several times a week, and I have gotten to run with her a few times when she takes “short runs”, which are the equivalent of my normal 3 miles that I think is tortuously long! After taking these photos at our session, I’m going to have to come up with a photo shoot to use her in, because my camera LOVES Sharon, and I’m dying to get more photos of her! Check out her killer smizing-that’s smiling with her eyes for all of you sillies who do not watch America’s Next Top Model! Yowza!

I put the rest of my makeup “appointments” on the following day, to test my speed and make myself stay on a timeline. I started the day with my friend Brittany coming in for her 1st bridal makeup trial. We have known each other since middle school, been close on and off throughout the years, and recently got together for dinner with our men. We chatted about her upcoming wedding (10/10/10 yeeee!!) and of course I asked about her hair and makeup, because I always like to offer my friends my services when  I can. She is having her cousin do her hair, but hadn’t made a commitment for makeup for herself, or hair for her bridesmaids yet, but knew she wanted to have airbrushed makeup. Well, I can offer that, and so I did! Brittany has been really committed to her health and fitness lately, and lost an amazing 30 pounds, but let me tell you, she has always been beautiful, no matter the weight, and now she just glows. I can’t wait for her wedding in October, she is going to make such a gorgeous bride!

Samantha was my next “client”. Sam and I met in high school, and I now cut her hair regularly. She just cracks me up with her fun single girl stories (come on dudes, she a catch!),  and I love hearing about the celebrities and former classmates she runs into at her serving job at Outback, and she is also totally motivating me with her several days a week Pilates class she is taking at a local junior college, for fun! She let me play up her eyes a bit, and we really liked the outcome.

I then packed up my gear (really, it is gear, and it requires packing. Have you seen my Batman utility belt?? It holds all of my brushes and is a major part of my gear) and headed over to Karina’s house. She has two adorable little girls. Victoria who is 4, even let me put the tiniest little shimmer on her eyes, and Alexis who is 9 months wanted to be a part of the action and got to sit on mom’s lap and witness at a young age the art of beautifying oneself. Karina was on the staff of my high school church youth group, and I loved counseling with her after I graduated. She is one of the sweetest, most down to earth mammas I know!

I came back home, set my gear up on the kitchen table, and then got to lay on the couch for a bit before my next appointment arrived. I totally get why makeup artists will carry all of their gear in large rolling cases, AND lug a director’s chair with them, the strain on your back when you bend over, even slightly, to apply makeup to a person sitting in a low chair, is excruciating. I may have scoliosis, and undergone two spinal fusions to correct it, but I rarely if ever suffer back pain like this. I will be investing in a tall chair shortly to remedy this aching, it’s so worth whatever money to save my back!

Amber was my last appointment of the day, and she is no stranger to being my model. She came in for one of my makeup classes a few months back, and we did the “Lux Bride” look on her, which was very natural, light handed, and pretty. She requested a darker, smokier look this time around, and I was happy to oblige! Amber and I met in high school, and recently reconnected through the wonder of social networking. Begin rant: What did anyone do before Facebook? I can see why class reunions were appealing once upon a time, but now we don’t have to suffer the indignity of eating terrible food and reliving our glory days of high school in a crappy hotel ballroom/rec center/high school gym, because we can just Facebook stalk them and check out what they are up to without ever having to actually speak to them! And I digress…. Amber is lovely, and I really enjoyed the new look we did with her makeup!

I just have to throw in these last few photos! My besties Sarah and Diane and I got together for a girls night a few weeks back, and we played with makeup then as well! I don’t know what it was exactly that got Diane laughing in that last picture, but it’s absolutely awesome.


2 thoughts on “Pretty people

  1. You’re basically a (figuratively) giant (cake) ball of talent! These are especially beautiful because it doesn’t even LOOK like they’re wearing makeup– you took their best features and enhanced them, which is what makeup is supposed to do (at least, I think that’s how it works– time has not revealed me to be much of a Girl). Awesome job!

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