Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Warning, this post is about to get

Yeeeeeee!!! JUST saw the trailer for the last Harry Potter films (last book, two installments) and I simply cannot wait for the first to come out in November 2010! The second installment will be released in July 2011; it’s terrible that I will have to wait so long between installments, but I get why Warner Bros is doing this. They have strung us loyal fans along for years giving us the books in movie form, and have made huge profits, each topping the last. To split the very last HP book up, and release each far enough apart to make as much money as possible off the ticket sales, and then DVD sales before the last installment comes out, makes financial sense.

I fell in love with the Harry Potter series in high school, long after the first 3 books were first released and it was cool to like a children’s series. I read The Sorcerer’s Stone quickly, but didn’t get access to the rest of the series for years. I didn’t even own my own copies until I was in college-I bought the first 5 books in a box set for myself for Christmas, wrapped it, and then told my mom what she owed me for my present 😉

I routinely reread the series when I get a craving for wizards, spells and crazy adventures that only the young wizards of Hogwart’s can get into. I even have the first 6 books on CD, so I can listen to them in the car. When the movies were released, I was all for seeing them! Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was released around the holidays, so I went to see it-by myself- on Christmas day. Seeing movies by yourself is not so fun, but I endured it because I love Harry Potter, and I wanted to see the movie in theaters.

I have since than seen every movie in theaters, bought the DVD when it was released, and picked up each new book at the midnight release. Yes, I even dragged Billy to the midnight release parties at Borders to get my pre-ordered copy of the last 2 books. He just loves me. So much. I’ve only gone to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in IMAX on opening night, and promised I wouldn’t do that again because 1-IMAX at the Tech Museum makes me nauseous, and 2-I don’t care for opening night crowds, or sitting in bad spots in the theater because of it.

I favorite book of the series was the 5th, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

My favorite film of the series is the 3rd, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Sirius Black is one of my favorite characters of the entire series, and he makes his biggest appearance as the crazed escaped convict, hunting down Harry. Also Gary Oldman is a fantastic actor, and I love him as Sirius!

You don’t get to know him very well, but it’s a lot of fun to think of him as the bad guy. I also think it was the first film that was actually of good quality. The first two were terribly childish and silly, using strange CG effects that just didn’t give the films the serious quality the books had imparted. Alfonso Cuaron, the director, is amazing.

I think he is best known for directing Y Tu Mama Tambien, and of course Harry Potter, but other notable works are Children of Men, Paris Je t’aime, and one of my favorites, A Little Princess, which I loved as a little girl!

Both installments of Deathly Hallows are directed by David Yates, who was also the director for the last 2 Harry Potter films, The half Blood Prince and Order of the Phoenix.  I think he did a very good job of condensing the huge volumes that were the books into films, so I am confident he will do the last book as films well.

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