Inspired by: Marie Antoinette

I’m not sure why, but the other day, I could not stop thinking about Marie Antoinette, the Sophia Coppola film with Kirsten Dunst.

I dragged Billy along to the theater to see this film when it came out in 2006, and I was disappointed at the time by the film itself, but my oh my, the fashion! The Hair! The Makeup! The Colors! The Desserts! It was a feast for the eyes, and I am now reliving the beauty, years later, and it is way better the second time around! I borrowed the DVD from my local library, and really paid attention to the details, the story line, the costuming, hair and makeup. It really is a nice film, but such a tragic story for Marie. I would hate to be married off to a man I’ve never met, taken to a foreign country, stripped of all my earthly possessions because they do not belong in the new court, live in a loveless marriage for years, criticized, watched, made into a new person, all to fit a model of what someone else thinks is right for the Queen of France.

I loved the food in this film! So. many. desserts. YUM!

Oh the sparkles! Oh the fun!

The makeup and hair were stunning! Look at this, gorgeous!

Oh, la la!

I think I am going to dress as Marie Antoinette for Halloween this year. What? It’s never too early to start thinking about Halloween! It’s my favorite time of the year (Autumn), and I love candy, dressing up, and fun parties!


One thought on “Inspired by: Marie Antoinette

  1. I LOVED Marie Antoinette and everything you mentioned here. Costumes, SHOES, hair, makeup and oh the desserts! I loved how they portrayed her as a young woman with normal curiosities about the world and love but everyone else was trying to fit her into this mold of being Queen. I’d love to see that movie again! Seeing her hairstyles makes me want to try my hair in a crazy updo like that! Hehe Oh and p.s. I started planning for Halloween months ago 😉 You’d be an amazing Marie!

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