Neon Youth

Ahhhhhhh, the joys of summer!

I am particularly blessed with a fantastic job that allows me to really enjoy a summer much like a school kid gets to. I take the kiddos to theme parks, movies, frozen yogurt, let them play video games, hang with their friends, and have a lot of fun doing it all. That is why I decided to capture some of the fun!

Bryn and her best friend Sophie love neon colors, and will wear these intense colors daily. Bryn inspired me to create a photoshoot using bright colors for wardrobe and makeup, style nice and easy summer hair, and play around outside, enjoying the sunshine and summer. All we needed was a lemonade stand and melting popsicles to really make this a super summer spread! This is my ode to summer, please enjoy!

Summer is a time for tea parties with your best friends

Summer is a time to reach for new heights, exploring the bonds gravity may, or may not, have on you

Summer is a time to laugh with your loved ones

Summer is a time to get a little sassy

Summer is a time to look ahead

Summer is for taking afternoon naps, just because

Summertime is for climbing trees

Summertime is for bubble blowing

Summertime is for freckles

Summertime is for daydreaming in vivid colors

Summer is a time for hide and go seek

Summertime is for best friends

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