Much needed girlie time

I had the most awesome time catching up with my besties Sarah and Diane tonight! Sometimes you just need your friends, regardless of how well or horrible things are going. They seem to make things even better.

Sarah recently started a new job and has been working crazy hours (read: 55-67 hours a week!) training, so we haven’t seen each other much. I really miss my girls, so today as I walked through Trader Joe’s today doing my produce shopping, I started placing random items in my cart, such as prosciutto, apricot Stilton cheese, a bottle of muscato, lemoncello and vodka, which when I looked at it, would make for a fantastic evening, so I sent out the text messages to both Sarah and Diane that I would LOVE to hang out with them this week and have a girls’ night. We all agreed on Monday evening.

To make things simple for Sarah, I would bring the snacks to her place, and she would kick us out when it got too late. I ended up grilling apricots, figs, and asparagus wrapped in prosciutto because it all looks great when I see it done on Food Network, and I’ve always wanted to grill fruit. It turned out OK, but I won’t be repeating the process anytime soon because it wasn’t that great, but we did eat it.

Things I learned during our girl time:

1) Lemoncello and vodka do not taste like my favorite lemon drop martinis! They more closely resemble the smell of lemon pledge, but can be made MUCH better by adding lemonade and cran-raspberry juice, which also makes it the color of a beautiful sunset, and induces wild giggling.

2) Prosciutto is not so tasty. I should have known, it’s like thinly slice cured bacon, and I HATE bacon. It was pretty though, so I got to eat with my eyes, then unwrap the asparagus and feed the prosciutto to the dog.

3) Cheese is wonderful in general, but Stilton with apricots is fantastic.

4) There is nothing that girl time cannot fix, make better, or at least help you through. Having best friends who know, understand, and appreciate you, is a true blessing in this life.

5) Bladder infections can spring on you in a matter of minutes. Seriously. Out of nowhere, I am suddenly struck with a constant desire to go to the bathroom, and the pain and pressure once I am there makes me not want to go back. Taking some over the counter meds and Tylenol PM to help me sleep through some of it, and if it’s not better tomorrow, then to the doctor I go. Sometime’s the body is a horribly weak thing that needs to be fortified and placed in a bubble to avoid any medical issues, but alas, not possible.


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