Sweet Peas and sweet people

Friendship is a wonderful thing. Having friends is a blessing, and being able to spend time with them is one of my favorite pastimes. This morning, Billy and I got to hang out with one of my best, and most elusive, friends, Lexie. Lexie is a world traveler, and has spent much of the last 3 or so years abroad, and I have missed her each time she’s gone. She most recently returned from a trip to Southeast Asia, visiting Cambodia for volunteer work at Water Of Life , and then visiting Thailand and Vietnam for pleasure.

Billy and I picked up miss Lexie and told her we had a surprise, and we hope she hadn’t eaten yet, then drove to downtown Los Gatos to one of our favorite restaurants, Sweet Peas for crepes! I ordered the chicken pesto crepe, Billy had the Benedictine, and Lexie got the turkey and sun-dried tomato, and we were all more than thrilled with our choices, but I think my pesto crepe was by far the most delicious. We all shared a nutella and strawberry crepe, which is my absolute favorite crepe ever.

After we ate, we took a walk downtown, window shopping and people watching. We stopped in to Mike’s Bikes, and at two optometry stores for Billy to try on glasses that might fit his wide head, and generally just enjoyed our time together, catching up and laughing.

Lexie is one of my friends whom I rarely see, but each time I do it’s as if we are picking up where we left off, and just filling each other in on what we have missed. She is a joy to be with, someone I love and care about, and I appreciate her friendship. I hope you all have friends like that!


2 thoughts on “Sweet Peas and sweet people

    • The photo of us was taken around Christmas this past year, but still works 🙂 Sweet Peas is one of my absolute favorite restaurants, I have never had a bad crepe from them!

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